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Up Periscope: Why Twitter’s Live Streaming App is a Personal Branding Game-Changer


Today’s episode of Youpreneur.FM is all about the latest social media favorite, Periscope, and how it’s taking the online marketing world by storm.

Chris gives tips on how to start your own scopes and how he’s been able to monetize the app himself.

He has seen firsthand how this app increases personal brand recognition like nothing else on the market right now. In fact, Chris is such a believer, he has devoted an entire show to helping you utilize Periscope for building your audience and your business.

Chris highlights some of the biggest benefits and useful tips so you get the most bang for your Periscope buck. He talks about how best to engage your viewers, why you must be consistent with your Periscope schedule, why you should watch your replays, and a whole lot more!

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A 7-Point Plan for More Shareable Content

how to create content people want to share

Content marketing is a beautiful thing, a great way to build an audience and grow your business.

That’s if your content is actually getting found by the folks who might buy your product or service.

Most of us would love to have more people reading, listening to, and watching our content. We buy traffic or try the latest “Get people to actually pay attention to you on Facebook” strategy. And those can be helpful.

But one of the smartest things you can do for your content is to make it easier and more fun to share. Even better, as long as you’re starting with high-quality work, you can do it without spending a lot of time or money.

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The Tyranny of Facebook


It’s no secret that Brian Clark is not a fan of Facebook when it comes to so-called “social media marketing.” He’s even less of a fan of those who think of it as a “website substitute.”

That said, Facebook groups are popular for their apparent ease of use. But is it a good idea to build a valuable business community on someone else’s property?

Today on Unemployable with Brian Clark, Brian will tackle that issue based on a listener question.

Plus, Brian answers another question about the credible use of affiliate offers as both a revenue source and valuable market research, and discusses an online/offline hybrid marketing strategy for real estate agents.

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Building a Trustworthy Brand in the Digital Business Environment


In today’s episode of the Search & Social Podcast (formerly Search & Deploy), host Loren Baker discusses social media and content with none other than Chris Brogan.

Chris and Loren dive into the importance of trust and relationship building in digital business as well as traditional relationships.

They also discuss the importance of content ownership, personal branding, the shelf life of social media, and how businesses can implement storytelling to break through the noise online.

Last but not least, they go over the specific things they’ve learned over the years from speaking, lifestyle choices, and also launching different digital businesses.

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Case Study: 3 LinkedIn Users Share Their Specific Successes and Challenges on the Platform


Prepare to grab LinkedIn tips and information on this episode of The Missing Link that even host Sean Jackson and Mica Gadhia didn’t expect!

Three of our Certified Content Marketers (Louisa Chan, Carin Kilby Clark, and Megan Williams) take the time to share surprising information at every bend in this nonstop episode.

Did you know that you can have different profile pages for each language you’re fluent in?

Through these real-life stories, you’ll realize you’re not alone in your LinkedIn questions and challenges. You’ll be inspired to keep going, to keep posting, to keep updating your profile, and more.

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What Happens at the Crossroads of Content and Social Media


Marketing today, especially online marketing, is all about intersections. So don’t think about doing content or email or multimedia or social — they’re all woven together into one cohesive experience for your customer.

This episode of Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer is a riff on a talk host Sonia Simone gave last week at the Inbound conference in Boston.

It’s not an exact recap (that’s not how Sonia works), but a discussion of some of the same points and themes.

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