How StudioPress Makes Your WordPress
Website Work Smarter

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Does it seem like there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to online?

Shrinking deadlines, rising costs, and the buzz of the alarm clock seemingly moments after you hit the pillow.

You only have so much energy, and all the coffee in Brazil isn’t going to make a 25th hour in the day.

How do you get ahead?

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7 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials to Help You Build a Better WordPress Website

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The clock seems to tick louder each day, and to-do lists grow longer by the minute, especially when you’re working to get a website (that works) up and running for your business or idea.

Learning the ropes of website development and design can seem time-consuming at first, but using WordPress — combined with a powerful premium WordPress theme — makes it much, much simpler than it’s ever been to take your online fate into your own hands.

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How to Find a WordPress Theme that Works

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As an online publisher you have to make hundreds of important decisions a day, so why leave the biggest ones to chance?

If you’ve chosen to self-host your site (instead of becoming a digital sharecropper) using WordPress as your platform, you’re already miles ahead of the competition. But finding the right face for your business or brand can be one of the hardest choices you’ll make.

There are thousands of WordPress themes to pick from. Unfortunately, they aren’t all created with the same integrity, style, and security that you deserve.

You could just shut your eyes and throw a dart, but that’s not going to help you build the long-term, profitable audience you need.

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How to Build Your Email Marketing List
with a WordPress Website

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Many online publishers run into the same vexing problem when they start email marketing:

You know that email subscribers drive traffic and make up the long-term, profitable audience for your brand or business. But only a handful of your site’s visitors are choosing to sign-up.

Maybe you’ve just started building your list, or maybe you’ve had that opt-in form on your page for months.

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WordPress Hosting That Means Business

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Did you know Copyblogger Media has a WordPress hosting division? Many people don’t, because it’s been a bit under-the-radar.

The whole thing started with our frustration with web hosting in general. Specifically, the fact that a lot of “WordPress hosting” amounts to generic one-click installation of the CMS on a standardly-configured box — which simply doesn’t cut it for optimal performance and security.

So, last year we decided to manage our high-traffic network of content and product sites ourselves.

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Four WordPress Themes for Building a
Powerful Content Platform

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It’s been almost two years since I got the email.

It was late on a Tuesday night. I was drinking something good and wondering how the rent was going to be paid when it came through …

“Sonia and I want to hire you,” Brian Clark wrote. I was not a professional copywriter. I had not spent $100,000 on ad school tuition. I was not well known on the Internet or elsewhere.

I may tell the entire story later, but the primary reason Brian and Sonia hired me for this gig revolved around a sustained demonstration of my abilities as a writer. Specifically, I’d written and published over 300 poems to my website over a period of three years.

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