WordPress Hosting That Means Business

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Did you know Copyblogger Media has a WordPress hosting division? Many people don’t, because it’s been a bit under-the-radar.

The whole thing started with our frustration with web hosting in general. Specifically, the fact that a lot of “WordPress hosting” amounts to generic one-click installation of the CMS on a standardly-configured box — which simply doesn’t cut it for optimal performance and security.

So, last year we decided to manage our high-traffic network of content and product sites ourselves.

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Four WordPress Themes for Building a
Powerful Content Platform

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It’s been almost two years since I got the email.

It was late on a Tuesday night. I was drinking something good and wondering how the rent was going to be paid when it came through …

“Sonia and I want to hire you,” Brian Clark wrote. I was not a professional copywriter. I had not spent $100,000 on ad school tuition. I was not well known on the Internet or elsewhere.

I may tell the entire story later, but the primary reason Brian and Sonia hired me for this gig revolved around a sustained demonstration of my abilities as a writer. Specifically, I’d written and published over 300 poems to my website over a period of three years.

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How to Build Point-and-Click Mobile Responsive Websites With WordPress

image of the Prose theme for WordPress

You don’t have time to sweat the design details of your website.

You shouldn’t spend hours learning to code and maintain a content app, or a separate mobile site.

And you certainly don’t want to spend another minute worrying about complicated manual updates that can potentially crash your site (see: put you out of business).

With the release of the new Prose Theme for WordPress, those frustrations are over.

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How Great Web Design Grows Your Audience

image of the Generate theme for WordPress

Let’s quickly review: Email marketing works.

In fact, none of the shiny new communication technologies even come close. With more than 188 billion messages sent every day, email is a more important and influential tool for your business than it has ever been.

Email isn’t going anywhere, and we think it’s time you got serious about building your email list.

Our StudioPress division has built the Generate theme for WordPress to help you get that done.

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Download Our Free Introductory Guide to the Genesis Design Framework for WordPress

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We’ve been thinking a lot about people who have hosted WordPress sites lately.

As elegant and simple as it is, WordPress can be a little daunting if you’re just beginning to work with it. The beauty of it though, is that it doesn’t have to be.

So, we’ve been taking some time to think through the big questions people have when they’re just starting out.

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Point and Click Design Control with the
Prose Theme for WordPress

image of the Prose theme for WordPress

Once you’re set up with WordPress hosting, how to you then build your site? Well, in just over a year, the Prose Theme for WordPress has become (in many different shapes, sizes, and colors) the face of some of the biggest publishers working online today.

Ironically, some of the biggest publishers working online today are actually just normal people, doing it all themselves, with nothing more than a laptop and a kitchen table.

Prose + Genesis is helping individuals build media companies. And, like it or not, we’re all in the media business now.

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