Five Cool Links to Kick Off the Week

ice cubes

It’s scorching these days, at least down here in Texas. Let’s chill out with these five cool links before we launch into any more sizzling-hot Copyblogger content.

Wow… that was cheesy, huh? Queso!

  1. This may be the most important article you read this month—The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn from Scientific American. I know I’ll be riffing off of it for the rest of the year.
  2. Check out Neuromarketing‘s article on Decoy Marketing for some interesting data on the psychology of pricing.
  3. Robert Bruce becomes the first poet to outsource his art to India a la Tim Ferriss and the 4 Hour Work Week (please bring along your sense of humor).
  4. What you need to know about using video online from Marketing Experiments tells us about remarkable leaps in conversion using video. If these results don’t get you over to Web Video University, nothing will.
  5. Seth Godin has a new book coming out in the fall, which is no surprise. But in conjunction with the prerelease of Tribes, he’s starting up a social networking community to go with it. The twist? Not everyone can join… get all the details here, because admission opens up again bright and early Tuesday, August 5th.

About the Author: Brian Clark is the founding editor of Copyblogger, and co-founder of DIY Themes and Lateral Action. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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  1. Great links, especially #4 for me, as I intend to use videos on my site soon. I love the picture used for your article, great reference to “cool” . Thanks for the links!

  2. I am so psyched for the red carpet to be rolled out this year in honor of increased video use and higher opt-in rates.

    I plan on getting Web Video University soon, and Brian, your recommendations do help, because I trust what you tell me.

    I am a sheep :)



  3. Relating to the first link, you might like this one, too.

    It’s one of the guys from WNYC’s Radio Lab giving a commencement address to science grads about how they have to “tell stories” in order to get regular people excited and interested in science. It could apply to almost any profession though, of course.

  4. Hi! Brian, I’m pretty close to signing up for the video university. Have you personally taken the course? If so, can you tell me the #1 thing you got from it that made it worth the cost?

  5. nice post. I always like a good list of links. I love finding new web sites or new programs to look through. Even though I haven’t been a long-time subscriber I really have enjoyed your blog the most out of the ones I read.

  6. Great resources but Brian, I noticed you have been talking about Web Video Uniersity alot… I am a member as well, it is good stuff… but i do not see videos from you at all?

    Do you use video marketing?

    We are actually just about to start some weekly videos with JohnCow and we use videos a lot in our other businesses but wondering if you use it.

  7. John, we use presentation-style and animated videos for other projects, but no talking head stuff. I hope to incorporate full-motion video here in the near future (which is why I took the course).

    Emmon, yep, I took the course. You can listen to an audio I did with Web Video University founder Dave Kaminski here.

  8. I confess, I’m no where near the video level. But, the other things will be useful to me.

  9. Thanx for reminding me about Tribes. I want to check out that book.

  10. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the links (not just #4). You’ve singlehandedly doubled my poetry-related bookmarks and I’m going to look into the Web video course as well. I also took time to catch up on some other excellent posts, like the launch of the Articulate blog. Great stuff, as usual.

  11. The secrets of storytelling is an interesting read. Thanks for the link. I love the part about Merlot sales.

    I’ve noticed that when listening to people who speak other languages tell stories to one another, there are rhythms that are common to all storytelling. This seems true even when the language has a very different grammatical structure. Those rhythms seem to have more to do with the telling of the story itself, and the things that we seek to get from the stories we hear.

  12. Great links. Thank you for one of the best infomative sources on blogging in the Internet.

  13. The most important article I read this month? That would be likely, if I didn’t read my own stuff.

    But, it can easily make the 2nd string.

    Thanks for the linkie.

  14. Awesome links. The Seth Godin one interest me. Been following him for a few years now. Cheers.

  15. A few months ago I discovered Seth Godin for the first time. I’m fairly certain I read most of his blog in a few sittings. 😉

    Can’t wait for the book.

  16. Articles by Seth Godin’s are really interesting and insightful.

  17. Thanks for these awesome links!!

  18. I love ice cubes and particularly these five cool links.

  19. whats the Tribes about

  20. Thanks for the links – I liked #2

  21. thanks for the nice links…. link #4 was the best one for me, cos i intend to do some video blogging soon!! 😀

  22. I confess, I’m no where near the video level. But, the other things will be useful to me.