Copyblogger Joins b5media

The official announcement goes out tomorrow bright and early, but I thought I’d give you the heads up first.

As of about two months ago, I accepted an invitation to join the b5media blog network, as part of the new business collection of blogs they have coming online tomorrow. Things took a little longer than anticipated for the business section launch, so that’s the reason for the lengthy lapse in time.

Don’t worry about drastic changes around here… there won’t be any. The few changes that needed to be made have already been implemented weeks ago.

Many of you might be shocked that I’m doing this. After all, I haven’t exactly been a big rah-rah supporter of many of the blogging networks out there.

Well, there was good reason for that. The whole point of Copyblogger is sharing techniques that any single blogger can use to build traffic and be commercially successful, with nothing more that the one big network we call the Internet as an aide.

And I suppose I could stay indie and it wouldn’t make that much of a difference when you think about it that way. So why then am I hooking up with b5?

It all goes back to the reason I started this blog in the first place.

…to meet cool people with great skills and great ideas and do business with them.

I can easily say that the biggest catalyst for my decision is a growing friendship with b5 co-founder and Problogger Darren Rowse. I often refer to Darren as “the nicest guy on the Interwebs,” and that persona is the real deal behind the scenes as well. I’m looking forward to working more closely with Darren to help the b5 bloggers sharpen their skills.

Jeremy Wright is a brilliant guy who I’ve respected well before I ever communicated with him directly. He impressed me by writing one of the very first high profile blogging books (Blog Marketing), and impressed me even more by showing up in Silicon Valley and doing the networking thing for b5 (better him than me).

What can I say about blog pioneer Duncan Riley, other than this is the type of guy you want to be on the same team with. Duncan’s the kind of guy who will take up for you in a bar fight, even when it’s completely your own fault. He may slap you around a bit himself in the parking lot later, but you know it’s for your own good.

Sadly, I have yet to have any interaction with the 4th b5 pre-funding partner, Shai Coggins, but I hope to rectify that soon. Next time I’m in Australia, lunch is on me, Shai.

I can’t leave out other b5 team members who have been extremely helpful to me this year, especially Liz Strauss over at Successful Blog, tech genius Aaron Brazell, and the new b5 business section editor Doug Hanna.

Here are the other initial b5 business section blogs:

  • Business & Blogging: blogs for business: how to use them effectively for results.
  • Digital Money World: everything you wanted to know e-currency and how it is transforming online commerce.
  • Franchise Pick: secrets and information about franchises
  • Home Biz Notes: the ins and outs of how to start and run a successful home business
  • Pimp Your Work: tips, tricks and secrets on how to “pimp your work” from best utilizing technology to how to survive cubicle life.
  • Slacker Manager: everything from review books on management to talk about productivity tips and tricks.

Expect big things from b5 in 2007.

OK… press release over.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Copyblogger. :)

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  1. I’m sure both sides will benefit from this partnership, congratulations!


  2. Interesting, totally different tact to what I might have expected.

    Best of luck with the venture!

  3. Congrats, Brian. Here’s to wishing the b5media family the best! :-) :-)

  4. Congrats Brian, looking foward to more good copy bloggin!

  5. Congrats, Brian. The folks over at b5 are top notch! Sounds like a win-win strategic alignment.

  6. Congratulations, Brian! I love b5 and Darren’s blog, alongside yours, which are the handful few I read regularly and intently.

    All the best!

  7. Whoop, whoop, whoop! Good for you! And good for B5 too. (Hmmm…maybe you might want to get them to change it to B6 or something. When I glanced at the name it looked like B.S.!) Just kidding! All the best to you Brian. :)

  8. Congrats Brian, that’s great company you’re keeping – there’s no down side to that at all.

  9. It’s good to be part of this new adventure and particularly good that you are joining at the same time.

  10. well that came out of the blue – but congrats, looks like a win-win for all.

    A great way for b5 to kick start their business channel and I suspect potential jv’s coming your way.

  11. Congratulations Brian! It is a winning combination. I’m delighted to know you’ll part of the b5 family — everything you experienced only gets better! Hope this means we get to see more of each other! :)

  12. Great Stuff, more quality content!

    And I don’t even have to go there with that great B5media sidebar…..

    Congratulations on this new win-win (ad)venture !

  13. Way to go, Brian. You will make a great company even better.

    Best to you.

  14. Fantastic! Kick butt, takes names.

  15. I’m actually a little disappointed. Happy for you but disappointed nonetheless. Seems like where the money is so some will follow.

    What was all those months of no-network talk just bullshit?

  16. Brian, we’re honored to have you. And I’m personally thrilled. I’m looking forward to finally doing some 1-on-1’ing with you once things calm down here as well.

    Thanks for coming on board!

  17. Jeremy and Brian, congrats for this new partnership.

    Let’s add this up to the other premium blogs right ?

  18. Yes!!!

    Welcome aboard Brian!


  19. Glad to have you onboard! Welcome to the business channel.

  20. Great fit and best to you and b5 with the new business channel, Brian!

  21. Congrats Brian – your blog is a great addition to the b5 group – and you and Darren are a natural pair for being the best blogging resources out there. I’m happy for everyone involved! :)


  22. Congratulations on the launch (relaunch?) of your site… from a fellow b5 blogger. One of the benefits I’ve gained from b5 was discovering your site. I look forward to great stuff in the future!

  23. Congratulations Brian. My best wishes. They’re lucky they’re getting you.

  24. Thanks for the kind words Brian, sorry no one gave you the memo though…hold on a sec, no one gave me one either…but I’m no longer with b5media. All the best though and I’ll still be reading :-)

  25. Geez Duncan… I definitely missed that memo.

    Can we still get in bar fights? :)

  26. First rule of FightClub:

    DO NOT TALK about Fightclub.

  27. When do we start our media empire Dunc?

  28. Sellout.

    😉 Congrats baby.

  29. Ok RB, don’t make me kick your 9rules ass to the curb. :)

  30. Best wishes on your latest, greatest adventure, Brian. Don’t forget us small-fry blogger pluggers :=)

  31. Glad to have you in the b5 family!

  32. Well, I’m rectifying part of that problem now. :) Welcome to b5media. We’re really proud and pleased to have you on board. Looking forward to getting to know you better — and to lunch (don’t worry. If you’re in Adelaide, it can be my treat :)).

  33. Cool Shai! Now the challenge is… getting me to spend 24 hours on a plane. :)

  34. Congrats Brian! Waiting to see more wonderful articles from you.

  35. Welcome to the family, Brian :)

  36. Congratulations. Both the content of your blog as well as the style have been an inspiration to me. I look forward to reading more from you!

  37. Well done Brian. Now even more of the world will know of your great writing style. I look forward to years of excellent tips to come…and for you to invest the big bucks you’ll be making blogging on making things even GREATER!

  38. Welcome to the b5 family! Love your blog and your writing style. Keep up the good work – please.


  39. WTF? If anyone doesn’t need to join a network, it’s you Brian. Congrats, though.

    Unrelated: My business channel application wasn’t even responded to, and apparently others experienced this. Though my idea seems to be in the list of new sites. Am I pissed? Of course I am.

  40. Raj,

    I can only apologize for that. I personally responded to every application we received. Either it got lost in my spam or something went seriously wrong if you and others didn’t receive any response at all.

    Again, I do apologize. Feel free to email me privately ( to discuss.


  41. I totally love CopyBlogger.
    what a boost for b5media
    ( a fan before you joined b5media)

  42. Lest people get the wrong idea about my bitchy, jealous comment above:

    (1) Brian, you seriously deserve to be in b5media. Best of luck to you.

    (2) b5media is a great network, and I have much respect for its founders/ key people and writers/ designers. Though I wonder who’s giving who the benefit :)

    (3) The implication that b5media stole my blog idea is the wrong impression. My apologies for being unclear.

    (4) raj still gets jealous even though he already writes for 5 networks (including his own) full-time from home – and doesn’t have to have a real job.

    (5) As a fan of Australia + New Zealand (my old print mag used to make it there in the mid 1990s), I’m still hoping that I’ll one day be worthy of being in b5media (as well as all the networks I’m in).

  43. raj, seems you’re not linking your name with these comments, so curious types like me can’t come and visit to see what wisdom we’re misssing, mate

  44. to be sinceere, I don’t know what so special about b5 media… they provide nothing, and get money from ads on partner websites…

    I am the webamster of one of the top blogs (PR8, 200,000 uniques per day) and would gladly be part only if you described me what is the purpose of beeing part of b5?

    admit it or not, people will read blogs like engadget, boingboing and mine because they are interesting, not because they are part of b5.

    you should explain people that are blogging for you, that they could earn much more by making their own blog on blogger and puting adsense or simmilar on it, rather than making content for your network (b5).

    i dislike problogger and similar sites (copyblogger is actually great!) cause they force referal links, make posts in a way to maximazie their earnings, not thinking about blog quality,

    this is the advantage of this fabulous and best looking site I’m currently writing comment on…

    CopyBlogger please don’t be fool and stay unique for yourself, ingore those moneygrabbing guys at b5.

    Let’s see will you publish this type of comment :) it’s not positive, but also I hope I’m, polite



  45. @Des. I think that considering I forgot my URL the first time, it’s not appropriate that I advertise it on Brian’s blog. But I will be reading your blog.

  46. Congrat’s on your achievement! I actually bumped into your blog through Problogger… and was infact a really nice discovery… seems like this is going to be 1 more place i would visit everyday…