Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of April 25, 2011

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The other day, I was scheduling a teleseminar that I have on Monday, and I got totally paranoid again about time. Again.

See, I keep missing calls because I’ll plan something for Eastern and the other person will plan it for the same time Central or Pacific. Deals have been lost. Hearts have been broken.

So, I’m starting a movement to do away with time zones. From now on, we’ll all just be on the same giant time zone. Because it’s convenient for everyone currently in my office, we’ll use Eastern time as the standard. So when I say noon, we’ll all know what I mean.

Let’s just try and do it today or tomorrow, though, if we could, because my teleseminar is Monday. (And yeah, I know that there are scheduling programs that will convert for you, but changing the earth’s time distribution just seems like so much less hassle.)

Reporting from 10:37am Universal Standard Time, here’s what happened this week on Copyblogger:


Why Nobody Cares About Your Content (And What to do About it)

This from the “you’re ugly and nobody likes you” department: Glen Allsopp reveals the harsh truth that your readers don’t really care about you unless that caring is secondary to their getting a lot of value from what you write. This post has lots of stuff in it that will make you cry and run home to mommy, but it will also tell you how to fix the offending parts and get better results. Because let’s face it — this sort of usable information is the only reason any of us care about Glen. :)

Read the full post here.

Tuesday morning:

Priceless Lessons Learned from Scathing 1-Star Reviews on Amazon

This post is hilarious. If your writing has ever been criticized, this is a simple guide to taking that criticism for what it’s worth… but it also contains a manatee-related Hindenberg graphic and several literal LOL references to idiocy and well-done vitriolic hyperbole. I give this post a rating of one out of five because I think Julien would want it that way.

Read the full post here.

Tuesday afternoon:

How to Build WordPress Landing Pages That Work

Want to actually get result from your landing page and convert viewers to buyers? Then you should read this post and see all the cool things that Premise can do and comes with. If, however, you prefer ineffective landing pages, I’d suggest putting this graphic on your page and calling it a day.

Read the full post here.


Is Content Marketing Worth the Effort?

It’d be really funny if the body of this post was just like, “No” and then the whole operation just kind of decided there was no reason to exist and Brian got a job selling hats at Sea World or something. But, fortunately, we all kind of know the answer is YES — but how? And why? And what should you know to look for and do when it starts to seem like a ton of hard work… and you’re not sure if it’s paying off?

Read the full post here.


6 Common Slip-Ups that Make Your Blog Look Bad

So you’ve got that traffic problem, right? As in, no traffic, or nobody that sticks? Maybe it’s because you’re doing some simple little things that make you look bad (and they’re not even hard things to fix) as explained in this post. It might be these little things that drive people off. Or maybe you’re spending too much time parading around in your underwear. Or you always show up at a party without bringing beer or chips. Or you smell. It could be any number of things.

Read the full post here.

Friday morning:

Email Marketing: How to Push Send and Grow Your Business

This post about how email is alive and well in the age of social media — and how you can learn how to use it via a quality free Copyblogger tutorial series — contains the phrase “soulless self-promoting spam-bot.” That alone should make you want to read it, or at least check out some of the Futurama episodes featuring Hedonism Bot.

Read the full post here.

This week’s cool links:

  • The new sales page: This is a really complicated sales page setup, but I suppose that’s why it worked and why Chris Brogan likes it so much. And I’ve got to admit, it sure is different.
  • Changing personas: What persona does your organization have? Because as it grows, it’ll need to evolve… or lose all it’s mojo. (And we all need mojo.)
  • Why Your Blog Sucks: I decided to include this feel-good post because there weren’t enough reasons to feel bad about yourself in this Wrap-Up yet.
  • Creativity: the Least Important, Most Important Thing There Is: A Mad Men-themed post about an underappreciated but vital thing to business: creativity.

About the Author: Johnny B. Truant is doing a free teleseminar called “How to Use Your Voice and Personality to Create a Business That Makes You Rich, Happy, and Hot” with Laura Roeder and Marie Forleo. You should sign up for it.

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    I’ve got your back on the Time Zone thing. Shouldn’t be a problem. Except, I think in Dallas we’ll use Central time instead of Eastern. That won’t be a problem, right?

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    Given that the west coast is routinely discriminated against relative to our time zone, and our sport highlights and games never seem to make the national networks, I think it would be much more appropriate for you to add your voice to help raise awareness of this terrible injustice. All PST time zone, please!

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    I missed couple of posts but was very sure of getting wonderful weekly-wrap post where I can get my missing gems!!!
    Thank you True ant!

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    I like How to Build WordPress Landing Pages That Work and Why Nobody Cares About Your Content the most!
    I hope these articles would help me improve my site traffic!

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