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Week of November 15, 2010

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It’s official… this will be my last year for doing this “falling back” thing with the clocks. In the spring, I’m “springing forward” and then never changing again. Of course, I’ll then be an hour late for everything over the winter, but I figure the damage will be minimal because I have TiVo.

So if I ever forget to write the Wrap or forget to repay a loan, or to shower, this is why. But remember, you can’t yell at me about it because it’s like my religion or something.

While it lasts, here’s my summary of what happened this week on Copyblogger:


7 Ways to Improve Your Writing … Right Now

Thanks, James, for writing a post title that caused the Sammy-Hagar-era Van Halen song “Right Now” to get stuck in my head. (For those of you who know the song? You’re welcome.) Regardless, if you’d like to improve your writing while yearning for the return of David Lee Roth, you should really read this post. No waiting for results necessary!

Read the full post here.


What’s Your Story?

There once was a guinea pig named Johnny, and he started a business selling feed pellets or wood shavings or something, and he did it successfully because he had a really good story to tell, and also bikini girls and car chases. (Okay, so that’s stylized a little, but only because that’s what we Hollywood types do to make a story sell better. The less spellbinding version? “Read this post to find out why story is important in marketing. And also explosions.”)

Read the full post here.


How to Get Some Action: IMfSP Radio #3

This installment of the Copyblogger podcast is all about getting something going — so that’s bedrock business principles, marketing, strategy, and so on. The writeup also contains the bullet point, “What to do if all you have is sweat and time,” which is good because I have an hour to kill and was wondering what I should do with this jar of sweat.

Read the full post here.


The Truth About Getting Rich Quick

I love “painful truth” posts like this one. You want to get rich? Well, here are some things you should know, and they hurt, and honestly, you may feel like Sonia has punched you repeatedly in the face after reading this. But it’s all important for you to know, so it’s like she beat you to within an inch of unconsciousness in a good way, like she maimed you because she cares. And after you read this post, you’ll be all sore and battered but enlightened like, “My broken teeth and punctured tongue have revealed the way before me. Thank you, Sonia, for your merciless death blows.”

Read the full post here.


How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly (And Keep Your Readers Happy)

I used to think that designing for content for mobile devices was like the TV show Glee: Very culturally relevant, but far too obnoxious to bother with. But now I’m coming around on the mobile content thing as I use my phone more, so posts like this one are nice because they simplify the “obnoxious” part into a few relatively simple bullet points that will make your website much easier and nicer for mobile users.

Read the full post here.

This week’s cool links:

  • Your Readers Buy Products! Do You Offer Them?: I really like this post because it gets at the heart of the reason most bloggers don’t make money — they’re afraid to sell stuff. Maybe try that “offering something in exchange for money” concept out sometime.
  • The one sure-fire way to get more clicks and RTs for your blog posts: I won’t tell you what the one sure-fire tip is in this summary, but I’ll demonstrate it by saying I probably should have called today’s Wrapup “Why Brian Clark Juggles Fish.” That clears things up, right?
  • How to Write 3 Blog Posts a Day: Finally, the article that proves once and for all that Chris Brogan is, in fact, a cyborg from a possibly evil future.
  • This Is Your Brain on Metaphors: This article is really long, but worth it if you’re into writing and metaphors, but also brains and roaches. And it’ll help you understand stunning bits of creative copy like, you know: “The brain is a roach, being all roachlike.” Now that’s good writing.

About the Author: Johnny B. Truant specializes in selling through stories and would like very much to set you up with a cheap blog or website. (That’s “cheap” as in “inexpensive,” not as in “tawdry.”)

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Reader Comments (22)

  1. says

    Or you could move to Arizona, which does not do the stupid Daylight Savings thing.

    It looks like the daylight that I save, here in Oklahoma, is in the morning.
    I don’t really need it while I’m still sleeping.
    I need it in the evening so that instead of it getting dark about 5pm or so where I am,
    it doesn’t get dark until after 6pm like it’s supposed to do.

    • says

      Arizona is always on DST? Because it’s standard time (i.e. now) that I hate, for the reason you mention. It’s lighter in the morning, but I lose it at night when it might actually be useful. Hell, if we must change, how about going the other way and giving us one MORE hour of light in the evenings as the days get shorter?

  2. says

    Even if you don’t “fall back”, how can you forget altogether to shower/ You will just be late to shower, right? This one really worried me so I had to make a point about the flaw in the logic here ;)!
    Ok, I am done having fun with you Johnny – Great wrap-up, I am off to catch up on some fab reading!

  3. says

    This post reminded me that I should make a weekly plan of what to do.
    When it comes to daylight-savings time change – It always takes me a few day to get used to this one hour earlier or one hour later.
    But think of animals. For example cows: They have to give milk an hour later or an hour earlier, unless the farmer has this new milking-machine, which gives the cows a massage before they give milk and the cows love it so much that they go in themselves. Well, they are going to stand in line themselves.

  4. says

    Good wrap up! I just wanted to point out that if you never fall back, you would be an hour early to everything not an hour late!

  5. says

    My logic might be backwards, but if the rest of the world “falls back” in winter and you stay “sprung forward,” wouldn’t that make you an hour early for everything?


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