Do You Spend $10,000 a Month on Pay Per Click Ads?

If so, you can participate in an analytics experiment that might just bring you a ton of exposure that won’t cost you by the click.

Eric of Stone Temple Consulting and Jonah of Alchimist Media are seeking additional participants for their Comparative Analytics Study. Basically these guys are trying to determine which website metric analysis tools work best, and they will publish the results to an eager SEO and online marketing crowd.

Here’s what’s in it for you and the requirements for participation:

1. Data on how the various analytics packages performed on their site. This may help the participant better understand the best analytics vendor(s) for their needs.

2. Detailed analysis of your site metrics by veteran SEM consultants using a variety of analytic tools. Our efforts to normalize data across these tools may also help you better quantify your ROI and understand current analytic issues.

3. Credit and acknowledgement for participation in the project. While we cannot quantify the word of mouth benefits or guarantee a number of backlinks, we anticipate that this study will be widely discussed in the press, in the blogosphere and at conferences.

The types of participants we are looking for will have a PPC spend of at least $10K per month. In order to conduct this study, we will need to analyze performance data outlined below. We recognize that some of this is sensitive and confidential information. The confidential specifics of your campaign are not pertinent to the study, and will not be published. What is important to us is the relative data, information such as the differences in conversion data between analytics vendors, for purposes of evaluating the
performance of the vendors.

We will mask all specifics, such as keywords, products, campaigns, the categories that the campaigns relate to, etc. In order to guarantee participants that we do not reveal sensitive information, we will allow each participant the opportunity to review our intended publication prior to releasing our results.

If you are interested in participating, shoot an email to eenge [at] stonetemple [dot] com.

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Reader Comments (5)

  1. says

    This should be a really interesting report to read – I’m just wondering if 10K is too much to attract enough willing participants – I think they’d have more success with a lower spend.

    And no, I don’t spend that much, but 2007 will see me ramp it up to around 3K a month – so any and all data is welcomed. :)

  2. says

    I know there are a couple readers of this blog whose companies easily spend that much, but it woud be interesting to find out if there are more.

    And the results of the study should be extremely valuable.

  3. says

    We spend much more than 10K a months … problem is … 70% of sales are over the phone, so tracking them is only possible with coupons or unique phone numbers. This will be a hassle for the study. I am not even applying.

  4. Kirby says

    $10k a day is not unusual. Will they disclose whether or not they have clients in the same space? No sense giving the competition all this info.

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