How an Independent Publisher Built a Profitable Business Around a Single Book

A few short years ago Brett Kelly was busy living the life of an experienced and talented programmer, when he stumbled across a new software service called Evernote.

He quickly became a passionate customer, as well as one the company’s most ardent unpaid evangelists.

What happened next — a truly inspirational story from the front lines of the digital revolution — changed his life, his bank account, and the direction of his professional goals …

In this 35-minute talk, Brett Kelly and I discuss:

  • Why he decided to write an ebook about Evernote
  • How he approached the writing process
  • The surprise call from a CEO that changed his professional life
  • The single factor that played a major role in his publishing success
  • His setup for selling his ebook online
  • A look into the actual number of his book sales, past and present
  • His long-game — and very effective — marketing method
  • What he’d do differently if he could start over today

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