21 Content-Related Business and Revenue Questions Answered

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Note: This podcast is syndicated from my Entreproducer project.

In this third edition of our content marketing Q&A series we focus on your questions about business structure and revenue models.

Getting your head around the practice of regular and valuable content creation can be tough, but once you do … you’ve only just started building your business.

What kind of products or services should you offer? How do you hire the right people so you can scale? How do you actually build revenue?

In this 58-minute discussion, Robert Bruce and I cover …

  • How to play a much bigger game
  • The best business model for the freelance writer today
  • How to approach product development
  • Content strategy for inherently short-term service businesses
  • How to recover from a failed product launch
  • Should you use YouTube, or not?
  • The legal requirements of affiliate and advertorial marketing
  • Should you seek venture capital?
  • How to scale an online business, and stay sane
  • And a lot more …

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Reader Comments (2)

  1. says

    It’s interesting that people don’t understand your culture. I would think that if you want to acquire an internet company, or any company for that matter, you would understand the culture to make sure it’s a right fit for your business.

    You are correct. Investors want to know what the ROI. More importantly, when will they receive their ROI.

    Thanks for this informative podcast.

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