How to Market a Book if You Have No Audience

Editor’s Note: This podcast is syndicated from Brian Clark’s Entreproducer project.

In this episode of the podcast, Brian Clark and I answer eleven questions that the Entreproducer audience asked about content marketing.

We ran through the challenges of book marketing, as well as circling back around to the big ideas of “starting from nothing” and “building independent media properties,” which I hope will inform your process as you’re out there doing the same.

In this 44-minute discussion, Brian and I answer …

  • How Brian would market a book if he had no existing audience or contacts
  • What’s the future of SEO?
  • Is it better to build a “personal” or corporate brand?
  • How do you promote topics that people would rather not talk about?
  • What to do if all your competitors are creating really good content
  • How I would market a supernatural mystery thriller
  • How much does content marketing actually cost?
  • And a lot more …

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