Everybody Loves Marla

Lateral Action Marla

The final character to get to know in the Lateral Action universe is Marla. Compared with Lou and Jack, she’s like Yoda.

Next week we’ll start publishing a lot of foundational text content that will help you make sense of where we’re coming from. The characters are the stars of an ongoing story that will develop alongside the tips, tricks, instruction and opinion that drive Lateral Action.

But let’s get back to Marla:

Marla is a creative Diva.

She has so many great ideas, she routinely gives most of them away.

But Marla uses her best ideas to make lots of money.

Marla hasn’t had a job in 7 years.

She wonders why anyone has one.

Check out this final introductory video from Lateral Action to find out why everybody loves Marla.

If you missed the first two videos… Meet Lou and Jack first.

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  1. Marla must either employ several people or have self-sustaining sites that need small-to-zero managing.

  2. What software is used to make those videos? illustrator + articulate presenter or something? or is it one of those flash substitutes that are easy to use so you use that + illustrator with audacity for the sound?

  3. The videos are illustrated in Flash.

  4. I dig Marla.

  5. This is a very interesting post on Maria……thanks