Four Reasons to Keep My Mouth Shut

Well, after essentially telling the world in my free report that I think the 4 things chain-meme is actually not much of a meme at all, I naturally get tagged with it. It seems Liz Strauss over at Successful Blog has quite the sense of humor.

OK, Liz, I’ll play.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

Law Clerk
Bum (a/k/a self-employed)

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation:

St. Croix

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over:

When Harry Met Sally
Lost in Translation

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

I only visit chartreuse (beta), who steals, err.. remixes from Publishing 2.0, Micro Persuasion and Xiaxue. What more does one need?

Four TV Shows I Love:

Chappelle Show reruns
The Daily Show

(note: I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I had to lie about the last two)

Four Books I Love:

Crime and Punishment
Smilla’s Sense of Snow

Four People I Love:

My wife
My daughter
My son
My Rottweiler

(dogs are people too)

Four Favorite Dishes:

Baked Ziti
Jalapeno and Avocado Fried Rice

OK, folks, there you have it. Now I‘m supposed to tag four more people and spread this saga onwards and outwards. But I don’t like to impose.

So, if you want to be tagged, drop your URL in the comment section, and have at it. But you had better actually follow through, because I’ll be checking, and I have a big, mean dog.

Alright, the dog is actually a pushover. But she looks mean.

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  1. Hey Brian,
    Thanks for this. It did lighten up the mood a little and I guess if Joi can do it. Who are we to quibble?

    You’re a good guy. I appreciate your sense of irony.

  2. Well, looks like we’ve had no takers. Methinks this be a meme in danger of dying out!

  3. I don’t know if tagging someone with a meme counts if you ASK to be tagged 😛

  4. Oh sure it does. Well, at least *here* it does. I like to think of it as self-tagging. :)