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With all the recent buzz surrounding Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere, the Magic Middle, New York Magazine’s A-List love fest, the resulting A-List denial fest, and the latest Google page-rank shuffle, links are on everyone’s minds.

We’ve had it beaten into us – links matter. I suppose if you look closely enough, what’s being said is links are all that matters.

Of course, content is what really matters. Content that gets links, according to the gatekeepers.

So, I’ve written a free 30 page report containing some ideas on how you can satisfy the gatekeepers (or actually, your readers and blogging peers – the people who truly matter). It’s called Viral Copy: Trading Words for Traffic, and beyond being free, it’s also free of affiliate links and product pitches.

Is this my own attempt to gain attention and traffic? Absolutely. It would be ridiculous to pretend otherwise. But I think you’ll find the report informative, and maybe even entertaining.

If I can ask for one thing in return, it’s this: if you have a account, please bookmark the download page (not this one). Yes, that will help me get the word out, but I will also be updating that page with additional content and resources. Is that a fair deal?

OK, go get it.

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  1. Excellent Special Report!

    I expected it to be fluff, but was relieved, surprised and impressed to see all the meat.

    The one idea about stunts was meaningful, as I just orchestrated the largest hoax in current history (but you’ll have to wait for MY Special Report to learn about it).

    Well, you could HEAR about it somewhere during this interview at:

    Well done,

    Joe Vitale

  2. Being a copywriter myself, I didnt expect to learn anything new. However, what I got most out of this report was that “everything is a process” – and by extension, you have to plan out your writing (especially for blogs – like the Blogging for Beginners Series at ProBlogger or your Copywriting 101 series) in order to create the longest-last link love.

    I’d say something more specific, but I think people should read the report themselves :)

  3. Thanks Joe and Ahmed. It’s always nice to get positive feedback from other copywriters.

    And yes, Ahmed… you latched on to one of the most important points I was trying to make. I’m glad it came across.