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Are there any three sweeter words to the ear of a blogger?

One of the points I really wanted to stress in my free Viral Copy report was that linking out often to others was one of the key secrets to blogging success. It may be counterintuitive, but it’s the engine that drives the blogosphere.

Quite a few people have been making it a point to promote free and open linking. There’s Chris Pearson’s Indie Virus, Easton Ellsworth’s Blog Tipping and most recently Mike Siger’s Link Leak Project. And uber-trooper Liz Strauss basically devotes half of her blog to pointing out others who may be under the radar.

So, before I launch into another tutorial, I need to do my part. A lot of very cool people linked to Copyblogger in the last week (and the last 3.5 months, for that matter), so I’m itching to return the favor and point out some stuff that has caught my eye recently.

I also want to link to any of my readers who wants one. So here’s the plan.

Drop the link you want promoted in the comments of this post, along with a short description of what makes it interesting. Give me a post you’re proud of.

I’ll then take all the submissions and write them up in an updated version of this post, so everyone will get proper exposure (no spam please).


OK, here are the initial links for the inaugural Copyblogger Free Link Love Fiesta:

If you’re into the psychological underpinnings of marketing and influence, then here’s your Holy Grail – David Straker’s Changing Minds web directory. I could spend hours here (and plan to).

What’s the secret to selling your house? Cinnamon rolls in the oven. Read Joseph Ferrara’s great post on Scent Marketing.

I know I’ve got a few graphic designers out there on the feed. If you want some solid advice on how to grow your business, check out Kevin Airgid’s book Web Designer’s Success Guide.

I’ve been meaning to post about Dan Pink’s great book A Whole New Mind for awhile, but Ann Michael is doing a great series of posts already, so I’m going to defer to her.

Chartreuse continues to entertain and enlighten just about daily. Here’s one to start with, but hang out a bit and soak it all in.

Ilja van Roon is offering a free 90-page ebook on business writing that works. Check it out, because Ilja has no idea that I need a place to stay next time I’m in The Netherlands, and I need leverage.

Alan Gutierrez caught my attention by calling one of my posts pointless. He may have been right, and he certainly delivers a worthwhile perspective by blogging from post-Katrina New Orleans. FYI, calling one of my posts pointless will only get you a link in approximately 1 out of 1,000,000 instances, but Alan managed it. :)

No One Can Help Me Write from Liz Strauss.

Poet Bloggs from David Maybury.

Metamorphosis from Yehuda Berlinger.

Dispensing With the Royal We from Larry Myers.

Startup Websites That Work from Dharmesh Shah.

UMPC Scenarios from

The Future of the Web from Jesse Skinner.

Mike Sigers Gets Excited.

Aaron Brazell Loves Free Love.

A Great CD is Not a Failed Radio Station from Dave Coustan (head Earthling).

Give Up Coffee or Beer? Don’t be sadistic, Martin. :)

Why is Bob Kraft PISSD?

Link here to offset one ton of carbon. And guess what… right or left, it’s hip to be green. Check out Treehugger.

I love the name of this blog — How to Start a Two-Bit Operation.

The Future of Real Estate Marketing from Joel Burslem (if only the Realtors will listen to you…).

My man John Unger has the lowdown on Typepad Hacks (and he understands a proper “about” page).

Shabda points out that there are way too many Brian Clark’s where my personal branding is concerned… but I hate the limelight.

Great post from Mark McGuinness on creative flow.

Can someone help Easton with this?

Check out Tammy Vitale’s eclectic art.

Smart post from Isabel Wang why GoDaddy should go social before it goes public.

Palermo Viejo sounds wonderful.

You gotta love Bryan Fleming’s enthusiasm. One of the keys to great blogging!

Toronto rocks, and here’s how to make it better.

Another Argentinian blog. I think I need to visit soon.

Who doesn’t like Jessica Biel?

Finally, an extremely well-done post on How to Blog for Theology and Religion.

That’s all folks… good things must eventually come to an end. But we’ll be doing it again soon.

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Reader Comments (32)

  1. says

    I’m suprised to see no one else has jumped at this opportunity yet – but here is mine: – (

    I’m about to graduate from University after 3 years studying journalism and hoping to get into writing about the arts. I have worked freelance during the course and have quite a lot of experience. Hoping the blog will help me to get my name out and gain a regular readership.

    Hope this is interesting enough, or at least I get a link by being first…

  2. says

    Hey Brian,

    I’m not going to include a link to one of my own, but think you may be interested in linking to a little noticed but good blogger Jesse Skinner. He visits me often and contributes to the content of my site.

    No, I haven’t actually given him the virus per-se, but link to him often.


  3. says

    I’m just getting into this blogging, writing stuff and trying to build a little side business from it all. You’re a tremendous resource and I’m happy that I found you.

    My blog is and it’s called the Internet Marketing Dude. I’m working on additional, original content for the site. It’s sparse at the moment but I do hope to improve that. Reading the writing of people like you will, hopefully, help me accomplish that goal.

    Oh, and so you know, you are definitely already on my Blogroll!

  4. says

    Thanks for the link love Brian. I am quite honored to be on your inaugural list.
    Your blog is a continual Fiesta :)

  5. says

    Thank you for your offer. I have practiced personal injury law in Dallas for 35 years. I have a blog targeted at other lawyers who help the injured.

    The description of the blog is: Learn why…Bob Kraft’s P.I.S.S.D. (Personal Injury, Social Security Disability) About the ways injured and disabled persons are mistreated by governments and insurance companies.

  6. says

    Here is an interesting link, because it is about linking and helping the environment:

    I am not an eco-geek, in fact my blog is about the stock market. I thought it would be an interesting link experiment to see if I could get other bloggers to link back to my blog if I “neutralize” one ton of carbon emissions for every link. For every link, I offset one ton of carbon over at

  7. says

    Hi Brian,

    The blog I’d like to submit is TypePad Hacks, a quickly growing community of TypePad users working together to influence the design of the TypePad blog platform and to find new ways to extend the capabilities of TypePad blogs. The best post to start with is this one:

    Thanks for all the great posts so far!

    Copyblogger continues to be one of the most useful writing resources I’ve seen. Ever. So I’d be way, way happy to have an inbound link from your blog… I know I’ll be returning the favor again and again in the future (just ’cause, you know, there’s stuff here I think a lot of people should see).

    I figure now is a good time to heap on praise since the link is a done deal anyway… I’m not trying to curry favor so much as give you the props you deserve.

  8. says

    I just noticed something new
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Did you recently introduce it, or was it here a long time and I just missed it?

  9. says

    I asked you a question on Owen Wilson’s pursed lips – and would still like a reply. Do you think that PR, good or bad, increases readership on blogs as it is said to do in print media?

    I write about Women, Art and Life: Weaving it all together at:
    I am a sculptor and find, in writing, that I can’t break out the business of art from living my life or from my feminist soul (no rants over there, but deeply influenced by the divine feminine).

    It’s really interesting to see the diverse group of folks who come here!

  10. says

    Glad you’ve picked up on free link lovin’. I think the principle of generous blogging is very important. It just makes good sense to reach out once in a while to others and pat them on the back for what they do well and hten encourage them a bit to do even better. And to link to them shows your readers that you care about their offerings. I hope we can make this a bigger movement than it has already become.

  11. says

    Hi Brian,
    I find your blog very helpful!
    Here is mine It’s a trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I hope it helps travellers planning their trip to BA to find information about this amazing city.

  12. says

    hey, since it’s free, and since all the kool kids read your blog (well, they should anyways, it rocks), i’m going to take you up on your offer, brian.

    my weblog sits at and i actually just wrote a post on copywriting recently, but if you have any readers in toronto, or canada, or any big city in general, i do think my musings on making toronto ‘work’ are actually decent, so i’d suggest linking to .

    thanks brian, and hey, keep up the great posts!

  13. says

    Hi. I found your blog thanks to ProBlogger. I´ve been reading it for a couple of weeks, and I find it very useful.
    I have a blog aimed at people who want to visit Argentina. You can find articles about the places to visit, news, and events.

    Thanks, John

  14. says

    Brian, I will take you up on the offer if its still there. I am a PhD student in Theology and write about religion as a “progressive Christian” and a Quaker.

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