Freedom, Money, Time, and the Key to Creative Success

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Mark McGuinness is an energetic, creative entrepreneur who lives life precisely on his own terms. He travels when and where he wants, lives where he likes, spends lots of time with his family (he has twin toddlers, heaven help the man).

And he works with the kinds of clients and projects that give him plenty of energy … and, yes, cash.

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon hanging out in London with Mark last summer, and he’s the kind of entrepreneur who has a life, not just a business.

As you can probably guess, he has the background you’d expect from a successful business owner.

He’s a poet.

Does that not fit the stereotype you have in mind about poets? (Or successful entrepreneurs?) In that case, you definitely need to read his book.

Mark’s just written a new (free) ebook for creative people, called Freedom, Money, Time — and the Key to Creative Success.

It’s based on the idea that a creative person needs three things to be happy:

  • 1. Freedom — to take Mark’s example and do what you want, when you want and how you want it. Not just on vacation and the occasional weekend (when you can fit one in), but also doing meaningful work, in your own way.
  • 2. Money — to maintain your independence and fund your creative projects. Of course you want a nice, comfortable place to live, but you don’t really give a damn if you drive a bigger car than the guy next door. You’d rather spend money on experiences than status symbols.
  • 3. Time — to spend on what you care about. Your family. World travel. New ideas. Your passion for raising naked mole rats. Whatever.

Usually, you’re lucky if you get two out of the three. But you’ll find if one of them is missing, the other two become hollow.

Without money, you don’t have much freedom, because you have to spend your time (and mental energy) chasing cash.

Without time off, money doesn’t buy you a lot of freedom.

And if you’re doing something you hate for a living, it doesn’t matter how big your salary is, or how much vacation you get. You’re still living in a cage.

Leave it to an entrepreneurial poet to come up with a more creative solution

The ebook describes Mark’s unconventional career journey and the lessons he learned about finding the right combination of freedom, money, and time.

It’s full of practical advice you can apply to your own situation, if you want to earn a living from your creative talent, or if you’re a freelancer or small business owner and want to make your business less stressful and more profitable.

Mark (working with Brian Clark, me, and Tony Clark) have also prepared an in-depth training program to accompany the ebook, and Copyblogger is proud and pleased to be an affiliate partner for the launch. But the ebook itself is free to download … you don’t even have to give your email address.

Click here to get your copy of Freedom, Money, Time and the Key to Creative Success.

And yes, please share the ebook with anyone you know who would be helped by it. Mark knows his stuff, and I think you’re going to get a lot out of what he has to say.

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    Wow! Not only do you give a way a free e-book that looks good, but you don’t ask for an email address in exchange.

    But I think you know a thing or two about viral marketing. I remember HubSpot experts once mentioning that e-books, white papers, etc., can spread by viral marketing – without asking for an email address.

    I look forward to reading this over the weekend. But I did sneak a peek at the last page. They are offering more goodies – probably at a price. Oh, well! I don’t mind!


    • says

      I am just going to download my copy Brian and I was going to do so even if they were going to ask for an email address in exchange. Now I know they’re not even asking, it makes it even better.

    • says

      I agree, I thought it was a great program even before I joined the group and added a module. :) I like Mark’s approach a lot for both honoring creativity and also honoring growth and success.

  2. says

    That’s brilliant. I think I’ve connected with the book, and I haven’t even read it. I saw myself though.

    I’m an artist.

    I lived off the profits of a previous business for a few years. Drank a lot of it, and now I’m skint.

    Freedom is what I value. But now I’m skint I can’t afford to go down the pub as much. I thought I might have to work or something. I mean I can’t give up my drinking.

    I know, I know. I could save money by drinking at home. But that’s not the point. I wouldn’t enjoy it. I drink for pleasure.

    Anyway, I’ve come up with a plan. Start writing more on my blog. It might work. it might not, but I’m really, really enjoying it.

    So thankyou poverty, you’ve turned me into a writer.

    Leamington Spa, England

  3. says

    This is exactly what I’m needing most in my life right now and I strongly resonate with the message the eBook is putting across. I’m looking forward to reading it ASAP. Thanks for sharing, Sonia!

  4. says

    Creative person: “I mean someone who takes a creative approach to work and life. Someone who works
    hard, but because they love what they do, it doesn’t really feel like work.”

    It’s just the beginning, it looks that is going to be a great book!!

  5. says

    Thank you Sonia. And if you’re in any doubt that we poets are intent on taking over the world of online entrepreneurship, just ask Mr Bruce. 😉

    Randy, John, Rahul, David, Tito – glad to hear the opening of the book has touched a chord. Hope you enjoy the rest of it!

  6. says

    I have not heard of Mark’s work before. Thanks so much for bringing his eBook (and programs) to my attention. It’s a really great read.

  7. says

    Like some of the other comments here, I have not heard of Mark, either (though I don’t know why I haven’t). I get a feeling I’ll get to know him and his journey pretty quick once I get my hands on this ebook.

    Thanks for letting us know about this!


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    I enjoyed that. What a refreshing read from Mark McGuinness. Sometimes I have very real doubts about whether anyone really wants to read my blog posts, but I have some kind of plan. I know content is key, so I am going to keep going, its early days for me, blog wise anyway.

    Thanks Mark, some great advice in there.

    Andrew Harkin

    • says

      Trust me, we all have those doubts!

      The key to succeeding is to persist in spite of the doubts, and to learn from the feedback you get.

      And reading Copyblogger, of course. 😉

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    Very good read. Sharing content is not only the future it is the present for a long time.
    I’m a musician and I’m always eager to learn about new things that are related to music (and creative process in general). So when I understood I’m not the only one, I started my own blog, talking about music.
    Music influences us so much because our body is actually OPERATED by music. You can read it all about it in my blog post YOU ARE THE INSTRUMENT: THE MUSIC OF YOUR BODY

    Spread content, spread love! Sharing is caring.

      • says

        Thank you so much Mark!

        First, the fact that you actually care to answer the comments is a proof that you and what you say in your book are a real deal.

        Second, your success is no surprise.
        Honest and communicative people will inherit the earth. It’s just a law of evolution.

        I’m letting the material of your first book to sink a bit, and will read the second book today.

        Thank you for sharing your experience, and for your effort to make the world a better place (I know from experience that money is just a bonus).

        Stay true and free.

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    Thank you for the great Freedom, Money, Time, and the Key to Creative Success .. finished reading it, very inspiring & encouraging, it is also freshed my brain, will post it to my the other site and share it with my readers & fans, love copyblogger :-)

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