13 Reasons the Future Belongs to the Writer

  1. Headlines create reality, people just live in it.
  2. The world can’t get enough cheese.
  3. Stories sell a lot of wine.
  4. Traditional advertising is over.
  5. 10,000 short scripts need writing.
  6. Presentation slides have gone mainstream.
  7. Hollywood is desperately seeking something.
  8. The death of traditional real estate marketing.
  9. Bags need extensive world travel.
  10. Politicians need re-electing.
  11. Words drive the commercial, artistic, and personal web.
  12. We all need to reach out and greet someone.
  13. Google demands it.

And on, and on, and on, and on … the written word powers it all. None of it truly works without you.

Go write your own ticket.

About the author

Robert Bruce

By day, Robert Bruce runs Rainmaker.FM. In his off hours, he files unusually short stories to the Internet, from an undisclosed location near you.

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  1. Excellent! These are great resources! I believe that the future does belong to us! Thanks, make it an outstanding and glorious day.

    Deb :)

  2. You can’t bore anybody into buying anything.

  3. There’s nothing more empowering than writing clever copy. As for the end of traditional advertising- I guess Death Catches the Hunter.

  4. People are just bored, and a good writer makes life not suck. Without good writers I’d eat my weight in Cheetos and sleep for 30 years.

  5. My favorite is #10 “Politicians need re-electing.” Too bad some political speech writers write speeches that don’t connect with the public, or write speeches that politicians can’t deliver. Politicians need to connect with the public. No connection, no re-election. Research, research, research.

  6. You forgot to end with, “And Google demands it,” my friend.

  7. Okay but so many people are saying 2013 is the year of the video?
    Another item for the list is good scripts for video because otherwise you might just ramble and fluff instead of getting your message out there. And while more and more people are less able to read despite their better education, every visual presentation needs that good script. A good story needs some writing

  8. A shortage of cheese? Not a shortage of cheese? Please tell me –“no.”

  9. Brains need exercise too.

  10. Words drive business and commerce, business and commerce drive everything else.

  11. Of all the powerful statement listed above, #2 is the most pivotal. Without cheese, where would we be?

    • Rebecka,

      Thank you for tossing your vote in on behalf of cheese. Think how unhappy we would be if someone wasn’t moving our cheese all the time?

  12. I enjoyed checking #4 and #12, and #13 is not to bad at all either! Thanks for coming up with this list, very clever and I liked the idea!

  13. “Google demands it”, nice one @Don. Enjoyed all of them.

  14. So here’s my question: if you write it, publish it, and promote it to the best of your ability, and it’s very, very good, will they come? Hollywood that is.

    • Dan,
      I’m not sure uncertainty can ever be backed out of anything. I doubt seriously if risk would be a good thing to eradicate. Where would discovery come from if there was no edge to things No one would ever say, ” think out of the box.” Something tells me the answer to your question is in your Dad’s last sermon.

  15. Excellent points here. There are so many places out there to find work!

  16. Suggested #14: Only writers like writing.

  17. Now that’s creative and concise! I think Google is moving the world faster than anything else. Destroying conventional print venues.

  18. Sheetal Sharma :

    Definitely the future belong to writers!
    I am happy to work as a member of content management team at Synechron where writing articles/blogs and white papers form my daily task list.

  19. Excellent writing. I am totally agreed with you as advertising trend is changing with the effect of time and in future there is definitely going to be a lot for writers.

  20. Couldn’t help myself and clicked on each single link to check it out. This article stresses the spice of life? May I share some of my visions similar to the ones you posted, Robert?

  21. This seems a bit short-sighted. The immediate future belongs to writers, perhaps, but probably not the future ad infinitum. Technology is going to enable all sorts of communication that we can’t imagine right now, eventually, and my guess would be that eventually is fewer years away than most of us would think. Writing is mostly used because of technology limitations. If that were not true, then we’d write things and give them to people instead of talking with them. We choose to do just the opposite most of the time,because so much is lost in writing, vs. the rich inflections that exist with face to face communication.

  22. Hells yeah, the future belongs to writers! Glad I chose my profession wisely :)

  23. A mash-up of some of the best articles here. Thanks for the short and sweet post, Bruce!

  24. What an awesome post! This is a list post on steroids! Kudos!