Go Blog Wild With Andy Wibbels

There have been a whole slew of blogging for business books released lately. But I’ve been holding out for this one.

Andy Wibbels has written the small business blogging book. Called Blog Wild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging, this book aims at the people I’m most interested in seeing succeed with blogging — the small businesses, the solo professionals, and the entrepreneurs.

I’m not convinced that big business can hugely benefit from blogging. But I know first hand that small enterprises can absolutely add directly to the bottom line with a blog. This book introduces you to smart blogging techniques for small businesses and entrepreneurs, so you can avoid the trial and error.

Today’s the release date, and Andy will throw in a $50 discount on some of his advanced products, but only if you buy today.

UPDATE: Looks like Andy extended the $50 discount.

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