Goodbye Everybody, I’ve Got to Go…

Sorry, no time for explanations. The best I can do is this video.

If I’m not back again this time tomorrow, carry on.

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  1. One of my all time favorite songs!

  2. Happy April fools to you too Brian :)

  3. Did you kill someone?

  4. April’s fools.

  5. Are you off to search for a skintight silver jumpsuit?

  6. So sad.

    If you’re not back again this time tomorrow, can I have your blog?

  7. Interesting, first the Doors and now this.

    Live From Las Vegas
    The Masked Millionaire

  8. You know, this is just further proof that it would be a good day to avoid my RSS feeds. And Twitter. And possibly all other human beings…

    Have fun storming the castle.

  9. April Fools!!! This is the 3rd or 4th April Fool’s post I’ve come across already this morning – no doubt, more to come!

  10. Bismillah! No! We will not let you go.

  11. I love this song. You know, has actually been a pretty good day for getting through a few of my reader backlog. lol This entry for example took seconds to read and I could listen to the music while browsing elsewhere. :-) Thanks, Brian!

  12. (Let him go . . . no, no, no, no, no )

    Ah ha ha, I like Mark Tek’s comment best so far.

  13. Shakun Saini :

    A very happy April Fool’s day to you too :) 😀

  14. Hehehehe, you’ve cought me! :)

  15. The cheese… she is thick.. heh heh… Its long after 12 on my side, that makes this April fools illegal!

  16. Hey, what do you want from me …
    I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me …

  17. “We will not let you go!”

    Er . . . where exactly are we not letting you go?

  18. Damn, Freddie’s gone. You too huh? Damn damn damn.

  19. Apparently, someone fell for this? Amusing.

  20. I’m still disengaging the hook from my mouth….

  21. April fools is way too predictable anymore….

  22. I read the blog and recognized the lyrics – Queen! Ah, a man of my own era. Is Styx next? Or the Moody Blues?
    I pulled an April Fools joke on my blog, too. Who knew it would be so fun to be foolish?

  23. @ Mike – One does not ask when Brian leaves the helm. One takes.

    MY BLOG.

    Now renamed CopyBloggerPenMen :)

  24. damn – i was expecting more of you than this.

  25. We will not let you go!

  26. i think you’ll go to google at first

  27. I’m so gullible… Confusion and panic followed by giggles!

  28. Cool Baby!

    It was a nice break. I needed that. Haven’t heard that song in yearrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  29. Funny…I needed a little inspiration this morning and my favorite singer/band is playing ……

    All the Best,
    John Anthony

  30. My mind couldn’t wrap its head around what it was seeing until it realized (finally) that its leg was being pulled…


  31. Happy April Fool´s!

  32. I love/hate a good gotcha….

  33. lol- that was quite clever!

  34. Hm. I just spoke with Brian, and it looks like the absence is real. Since I’m familiar with his blog and work, I’ll be stepping into Copyblogger’s shoes for the next little while.

    That’s quite an honor, and I hope I have everyone’s support (and that you’re not too disappointed). Cheers.

  35. Radical.

  36. I am such a sucker! Oblivious artist… Brian’s leaving???.. James in charge???…. it’s April? …returns to Pacific Northwest challenge totally had…but chuckling. And now that damn song is rocking round in my head…someone please, the antidote…

  37. @ Janice – Well, thank you for your support. At least when you heckle me in the coming months, I know you’ll be doing it with love.

  38. Bien Sur, Quebecois.

  39. James, you are a brave, brave fellow. :)

  40. I think that Men with Pens fela aims to take over the world…LOL.

    I also think I shoulda avoided the blogsophere and the twittosphere this morning :)

  41. Brian…dude…

    I just went on a Queen trip man!


    Joseph Ratliff :)

  42. Oh a young Freddie mercury. What talent and dead like Jim Morrison.

    What’s up?

  43. @ Dana – Considering the number of blogs that are being sold, being ditched or being given away today, I may just do that.

    For now, I’ll settle for one legitimate takeover, though. Bear with me while I get my legs under me, everyone!

  44. If this is an april’s fool joke, it really sunk with me :( It’s not funny to imply illness/death. IMVHO.

  45. I’m amazed at how many people online have turned April Fool’s Day into Tell An Unfunny Lie Online Day.

    Every blog’s April Fool’s Day joke I’ve read today today has been predictable and uncreative – we’re leaving, we sold the blog, or whatever else along those lines – pretty amazing considering all the bright minds out there.

  46. You could always swing over to my blog for a squeaky alternative that’s so earnest you may barf!

  47. The starbucks on the roof sounds funny – Darren’s was pretty good too – but my favorite was having all the feature videos link to this:

  48. Oh you cynics…you think Brian’s kidding?

  49. Of course he is…this is his post from last April Fools:

  50. It’s more fair to say I was making a joke about April Fool’s jokes. I was surprised you didn’t catch that Chad, because a lot of people higher up in the comments did.

    I mean come on… I’m ditching the blog and telling everyone with the video for “Bohemian Rhapsody?” That’s farce, not a practical joke. :-)

  51. I’m just pulling my tongue from my cheek.

  52. Oh darn, you got me there. Lols.

  53. Raja Sekharan :

    That was evil Brian 😉

  54. @Brian ‘Not-so-funny’ Clark

    Jokes like these are not for the faint-hearted. And there are faint-hearteds like me reading this blog.