Gravity Forms Review:
Powerful WordPress Forms Made Simple

Gravity Forms

What is Gravity Forms?

In the developer’s own words:

Gravity Forms for WordPress is a full featured contact form plugin that features a drag and drop interface, advanced notification routing, lead capture, conditional logic fields and the ability to create posts from external forms.

Got that? How about once more in English?

Gravity Forms

Basically, Gravity Forms is software that makes WordPress way better by allowing people to send you any sort of information, and even publish directly on your site in certain circumstances. The plugin adds a “Forms” section to the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area, from which you can quickly access the multitude of things Gravity Forms allows you to do.

Let’s look at four of those things:

Contact and Support Forms

The most basic use of Gravity Forms is your general contact form, which just about every WordPress site has or needs. Whatever the reason people need to get in touch, Gravity Forms makes it easy.

Gravity Forms

But it’s the versatility of what you can do in terms of contact and support forms that makes even this seemingly mundane use of forms exciting. You can create any variety of form, collect any array of data, allow for file uploads, set up notifications to route to different email addresses based on rules you define, and place the form on any page or post at the click of a new button that shows in your posting interface.

So think about it. Instead of a lead generation call to action that requires the click of a link to reach a form (2 steps), you place the form itself at the bottom of the post. Conversions go up when the number of steps go down.

Plus you can include hidden fields that transmit data like IP address, use conditional form fields that appear only if the preceding responses are a certain value, dynamic pre-population of form fields, and lots of other stuff that opens a world of possibilities beyond the boring old contact form.

Surveys and Polling

That versatility goes way beyond contact and support forms. Gravity Forms allows you to quickly build surveys and reader polls with open-ended text fields, drop down menus, checkboxes, numerical fields, and multiple-choice questions.

Gravity Forms

You can create lengthy reader survey forms in minutes that provide feedback on a regular basis. Even cooler is simply popping in a quick multiple-choice poll at the bottom of your post for instant data in a format that in many cases will be more useful than free form blog comments.

And don’t forget the conditional form fields. If someone chooses a certain option from a drop down or multiple-choice question, you can then ask follow-up questions based only on that response. Pretty cool functionality that you usually have to buy separate survey software to get.

Guest Post Submission

Guest posting is one of the best methods of building quality back links for bloggers and other content creators. The win for the publisher, of course, is additional quality content from other sources, but it can become a management pain to keep up with the submitted content, much less format it and post it.

Gravity Forms

With Gravity Forms, you can create a guest post submission page that allows regular and prospective guest writers to “post” outside of your WordPress admin area. You create a form that contains all the regular post fields (title, image, body, excerpt, category… you can allow all or just the areas you want), and the content submission becomes a draft post inside WordPress.

You get instant guest content organization while also reducing the normal workload that accepting guest posts involves. For many busy bloggers, this feature is worth the price of admission alone.

User-Generated Content

Okay, here’s where things get really interesting. Using the exact same functions that allow you to accept guest posts, you can allow user-generated content on your site that goes way beyond comments. Or you can build a review, Q&A, or wiki-style site using nothing more than WordPress.

Gravity Forms

This is an amazing site-building breakthrough in my opinion. For example, using Genesis and one of many turnkey designs plus Gravity Forms, you could build a local restaurant review website without writing a single line of code. The layout of the site and the user posting mechanism would all be built point-and-click, drag-and-drop from inside your WordPress interface.

It’s time to kick your imagination into high gear. And Gravity Forms allows you to do much more than what I’ve highlighted in this review. Check it out . . . you’ll get a lot of value out of Gravity Forms.

About the Author: Brian Clark is founder of Copyblogger and CEO of Copyblogger Media. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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Reader Comments (46)

  1. Martyn Chamberlin says

    I was looking for a good form plugin just the other day, with no luck. This looks like it’s gonna work awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hashim Warren says

    I use Gravity Forms for my own site:

    I love it so much I decided to launch my blog with no comment section. Instead I have a Gravity Form at the bottom of each post, asking for feedback.

    Using Gravity Forms’ conditional logic, the feedback form changes depending on what type of message you’re sending. Cool!

    People subscribe to my blog using the forms. And people contact me using the form.

    Brian – you forgot to mention how good the support is. It rivals the support forums for Thesis.

    One word of caution – you have to use some CSS tricks to make Gravity look good on a Thesis powered site. Hop over on the support forums and ask about it.

  3. says

    Brian, I couldn’t agree more. Gravity forms is amazing. I’ve tried a number of fairly good contact forms but nothing comes close to Gravity.

  4. says

    I just heard about this plugin the other day and was planning on purchasing it tomorrow. What timing! Now I can get it for 25% off! Yes! I can’t wait to explore the possibilities.

    Thanks Brian!

  5. says

    Thanks for the nice review! I am part of the Gravity Forms team and wanted to let everyone know that we have corrected the issue with the LIFETIME coupon code.

  6. says

    Brian, thank you! This was on my “to buy soon” list based on Hashim’s recommendation, so I really appreciate you scoring the lifetime support (and the discount) for all of us.

  7. Stew Kelly says

    Hey Brian,
    I wanted to let you, and all who got an invalid code response, that the discount code you gave us is now working…and least it did for me:)

  8. Brian Guanzon says

    I emailed Carl from Gravity Forms and he confirmed the issue with the code not working has been fixed.

    I purchased the developer license at a 25% discount :)

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing this Brian. With the overwhelming amount of info and options out there, it’s important to find and utilize the tools that have the greatest impact, your site always helps me with the filtering process!

  10. says

    The user-generated content thing is blowing my tiny mind. And the cost is pretty amazing compared with paying a coder to put something like this together as a one-off.

  11. says

    I use Gravity Forms for my own site: in my sidebar .hundreds of functionality ,file upload, guest Post ,Contact form , Polling

    People using the Thesis theme ask about the same Styling/Layout Issues . if anybody want my custom.css i can share with you

  12. Shuki Haiminis says

    Gravity Forms is a sick plugin…I was planning on buying it soon but decided to pull the trigger when I saw your review plus the 25% off

  13. says

    Brian- This contact form looks great. Do you or anyone else know of a contact form that sweetens the deal. i.e. one that encourages people to sign up with access to a free PDF of helpful information? Any leads on this would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps the team at Gravity Forms could work on this as a new feature.
    Keep up the great blog!

  14. says

    Looks like an awesome product. Raising the bar once again, Brian.

    I’m glad they have a demo video on their site, too, but a bit surprised they have no audio to go with it.

  15. says

    Contact form to sale forms are always been tough work for me because most people or spammer spam these forms…..I have tested already few form plug ins which are available in WP but none of them seems perfect and each have its own drawback and plus points,

    Your this post and detailed review makes me to test this one and if it works the way its needed, its worth to buy

  16. says

    Brian –

    Just to be clear. If we buy this before May 8, we’ll get the LIFETIME SUPPORT and 25% off? That’s very cool. Thank you!

  17. says

    Thanks for sharing this Brian – great to get an unbiased point of view from someone who’s actually used the plug-in, and deciphered the ‘geek speak’ for us to boot! Sounds like a brilliant plug-in, I’ll be trying it for one.

  18. says

    GF blog states that you receive lifetime support AND updates if you buy before a certain date. Does the LIFETIME code include updates or just support?

  19. says

    Eric, yep. The lifetime code provides the deal they had before, which as you say includes support and updates. I’ll update the post to reflect that.

  20. SmartCreative says

    Agreed with everyone here that this is a really decent form plugin for WP, but it falls short for us on a few things. For one, there is no online ordering/payment processing capability. When they do that, we’re so in!

  21. says

    I’m ready to buy the developer’s license with the LIFETIME coupon (for lifetime support and upgrades) but it’s an expired code. Yes, my fault for missing the May 8th deadline.

    Is there any way Gravity Forms/Copyblogger will extend that code for lifetime upgrades/support?

    Even though GF looks great, without lifetime support/upgrades, it’s a bit hard to pull the trigger. Buying Thesis was easy knowing there would be lifetime upgrades included. That’s the selling point for plugins/themes that are at higher price points.

  22. says

    Great post. Thanks for sharing this Brian – great to get an unbiased point of view . Thanks for the information on this plugin.

  23. says

    Using Gravity Forms’ conditional logic, the feedback form changes depending on what type of message you’re sending. Cool…
    The Gravity Forms sounds like an excellent tool to use.

    Thanks for sharing.

  24. says

    I love it so much I decided to launch my blog with no comment section. Instead I have a Gravity Form at the bottom of each post, asking for feedback.

    Using Gravity Forms’ conditional logic, the feedback form changes depending on what type of message you’re sending. Cool!.

    This really helps Thanks.

  25. says

    Hi Brian, Sean, & Tony.

    Using G Forms for a few months now and loving there new 1.4 release.
    Have a question for you guys. Need to take G Forms and bypass “guest posting” to integrate as “Author Posting” instead.

    I know you guys build great stuff for yourself and I’m confident I can do the same but ( it’d take me forever – i’m flat out slow to code ).

    My client site has adopted another fantastic plugin – s2Member and would like to mash the 2 plugins and see what comes out on the other side.

    Any comments would be awesome, the code would be even better and i’m also ready to drop any coin for anyone who’d like to help, especially you guys.

    Thanks again and yes Gravity is worth the dough.

  26. says

    I have spent a few hours looking around for a way of setting up guest submissions/user-generated content on a site I have. I just came across gravity forms and I am sold!

  27. says

    I use gravity forms on heaps of sites (I have the developer version), and it has never let me down. I’m increasingly using it to build user generated content forms, for events, directory listing submissions, and other stuff, and the whole system is seamless. I’m tinkering with the Paypal plugin for it too, to allow for user signups with ‘pay per post’ functionality. Really turns WordPress into something more than a basic blogging cms!

    • says

      I am interested in the PayPal plugin you are working on to allow ‘pay per post’ functionality. Can you please get in touch with me via contact form on my sight to tell me more?

  28. angelfire4xx says

    I bought the paid version of this. After a year all form submissions arrive with a nag message inserted at the end by the Gravity Forms vendor, asking for payment of an annual fee to receive upgrades and support (which I don’t need). You have to delete the message every time you reply to a sender otherwise it will be included in your message to the sender. The guy from Gravity Forms refuses to provide a way to stop the nag messages except by paying him.

  29. says

    I’m having a major problem with this plugin and i’m getting no support from the Gravity Support team. I installed the plugin, and was able to create a form. The problem is it creates an error in your page/post editor, so you can’t even embed the form.

    I’ve posted multiple queries on the Gravity Forms Support Forum. I have received no response to my issue even though i’m a paying customer. I would be very cautious about spending money on a plugin or any plugins which are broken and don’t offer any assistance. It’s really bad.

  30. says

    very interesting and to think I’ve had this technology for many months and did not realize the power it carries until I read your post. You did a better job at selling it than Gravity forms sales page – LOL

    I’d like to know more about what you mentioned on restaurant review site – maybe I’ll swing on by GF tech support and see what I can find.

    I have this portal site that I wish to implement some form of survey or interview type data from my business listing. I charge nothing for this BTW –

    great job on your part – glad I found this blog.

    Juan Colome

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