Heading to San Francisco

Elite Retreat

I’m off to San Francisco to present at Elite Retreat… so it may be tougher than usual to get me by email this week. But we’ve got great content already lined up, so never fear.

Wait, you didn’t think I was leaving for good, did you? I promise if that ever happens, I’ll give you more than a Queen video as explanation. Don’t you just love the beginning of April? :-)

Also, because people keep asking and I’m way behind on email (as usual), Product Launch Formula is opening back up today at noon Eastern for one day only. Because of the server crash on launch day and the ensuing customer service backlog, lots of people who wanted in didn’t make it.

In any event, my bonus offer still stands. Check it out if you’re interested–we’ve got a nice mastermind group of motivated Copyblogger readers in the works.

See you next week, and if James Chartrand attempts another takeover of Copyblogger while I’m gone, please rise up and stomp him for me. :-)

About the Author: Brian Clark is the founding editor of Copyblogger, and co-founder of Teaching Sells.

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  1. Hmm… Think they would? 😉

  2. Bon Voyage Brian. Hope he brings us back a treat or two.

  3. I’m glad you refer to yourself cocky all the time James, or I’d have to do it for you. :-)

  4. Good trip to you, Brian.

  5. *chuckles*

    Have a good trip. I’m with Janice, bring something back. Even better, bring me with you on your next trip. :)

  6. Have fun in San Francisco. I wish I were going.

  7. Brian I really enjoyed your talk at Elite Retreat. THANK YOU for spending time with me on my site. All the speakers were insightful but I found I took the most notes during your preso so I think that says something. :) I’ll let you know what happens with my situation, cross your fingers…