Here’s Monday Reading Material While I’m in Austin

I’ve got to run down to Austin and meet some folks at SXSW (darn the luck), so here are some links you might have missed. I’ll be back before you know it to remix those headlines.

OK, everyone play nicely while I’m gone and I’ll hopefully have something for you tomorrow. Unless there’s a good party tonight, that is (and there always is at SXSW). 😉

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  1. Hmmmm, that SEO poker game is an interesting thought.

    I love playing NL holdem and there’s always an ace somewhere up my sleeve.

  2. HEY! You said this was a “business trip,” Bri….

  3. Brian,
    Thanks for mentioning the Virtual Conference it was a hit and brought the talents of some of the SOBCon speakers to the forefront. It will take folks days to get all of the content from the comments.

    Meanwhile, hope that every in Austin was truly great and that you got to see Scrivs dance. :)

  4. and that you got to see Scrivs dance.

    Why would you wish something like that on me? :)