Keyword Research for Web Writers and Content Producers

Keyword research is a fundamental part of online marketing of all kinds, and is especially relevant for freelance writers, online publishers, and bloggers. Compelling content is favored by search engines, but if you don’t use the words people are actually interested in and actively searching for, you’re missing a lot of traffic.

But the value of keywords goes well beyond SEO copywriting. In fact, close your eyes for a moment and imagine a world where search engines don’t deliver traffic at all.

Would keyword research still be valuable? You bet.

Keyword research, at its essence, is market research. It tells you what people are interested in, and in what relative numbers. Better yet, it reveals the actual language people are using when they think about those topics, which provides you with insight on how to converse with them via your blog.

That information is worth its weight in gold, if you know what to do with it. And that’s what this 5-part tutorial is all about.

Oh, and don’t forget to open your eyes back up. Because search engines do deliver lots of targeted traffic, and that’s the bonus round for smart keyword researchers.

Two Practical Guides to Keyword Research for the Real World

These two ebooks are no dry, academic exercise that leaves you with more questions than answers. Instead, they walk you through choosing profitable content topics by exploring how keyword research provides valuable insights into the way your prospective audience thinks and discusses the topics that matter to them.

Ready to get started? First, a word of warning… these free guides are pretty hefty, so make sure you have time for a bit of serious (but fun) reading.

Keyword Research: A Real-World Guide

  • Keyword Research: It’s Not What You Think
  • How to Choose a Popular Niche
  • How to Find Topics That Score Big
  • Keyword Research Can Help You Make More Money
  • A Primer on Keyword Research Tools

Content Marketing Research: The Crucial First Step

  • A 6-Step Content Marketing Research Process
  • Become a Content Marketing Secret Agent with Competitive Intelligence
  • A 3-Step Process for Painless Keyword Research
  • How to Find the Keywords that Work for Your Content Marketing Goals
  • Case Study: How Keyword Research Works in the Wild

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