Please Help Us Defeat Breast Cancer

Brian Gardner walking the Komen 3-Day for the Cure

On August 5-7, fellow Copyblogger Media partner Brian Gardner (founder of StudioPress) and his wife Shelly will be walking 60 miles in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for The Cure in Chicago.

This is Brian’s tenth year walking, and in that time he’s raised more than $60,000 to fight breast cancer. And he’s not even close to being finished.

You might not be able to join Brian and Shelly in Chicago for their three-day odyssey. But there is a way you can join us in spirit …

As friends and colleagues, we’re helping Brian and Shelly with their fundraising for this event. The money we raise goes to innovative global breast cancer research and local community programs supporting education, screening, and treatment.

You can be part of our effort by pledging your support today.

Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all, and energize science to find the cures.

Thanks to events like the 3-Day for the Cure, the organization has invested more than $1.9 billion to become the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world. Every major advance in the fight against breast cancer in the last 28 years has been impacted by a Susan G. Komen for the Cure grant.

Yes, there are many other worthy causes out there. But Brian and Shelly walk every year to honor Shelly’s aunt and grandmother, who are both survivors … and we’re right there with them.

Here’s how you can help (and what you get…)

Make a direct online pledge through either Brian’s or Shelly’s Komen for the Cure page (your choice):

Any amount is appreciated, but as you know, higher amounts bring extra good karma.

In this case — with any donation of $150.00 (USD) or more — karma looks like a FREE membership to the home study version of our virtual conference, Authority Rules (a $297 value).

If you missed getting in on the inaugural Authority Rules conference back in May, now is your chance to fight breast cancer and learn how to become the “likable expert” of your industry, so you never have to prospect or advertise again.

With over 18 hours of exceptional webinar instruction (plus PDF transcriptions) from me, Brian Clark, David Meerman Scott, Michael Port, Bryan Eisenberg, John Jantsch, Lee Odden, Chris Garrett, Chris Brogan, Brian Gardner, Tony Clark, Amber Naslund, Jeff Sexton, Derek Halpern, Pam Slim and Darren Rowse … this is about as good as karma gets ;).

All you have to do is pledge $150 or more, and copy and paste your confirmation email in the message field here. We’ll set you up with the full 18 hours of Authority Rules’ webinars and transcripts.

Here are those pledge pages again:

Thank you in advance for your help!

I’d also like to thank the WordPress community and all of Copyblogger Media’s many customers. It’s because of all of you that we’re able to support worthy causes like the battle against breast cancer. We’re so grateful for each and every one of you.

About the Author: Sonia Simone is Senior Editor of Copyblogger and CMO of Copyblogger Media. To make a stronger connection, follow Sonia on twitter.

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Reader Comments (26)

    • says

      Goran, wow – that is so kind of you, especially since you already have purchased the Authority Rules package. Karma will bring you great things, and I personally wanted to say thanks.

  1. says

    I will contribute $150 for Klima Design Group, LLC and our partner company Ageless Solutions by Dr. Alexander Goldberg, MD another $150.00.
    We are directly effected now by this mind blowing Big BC horror.
    I have purchased Authority Rules and loving it (not all the time, sometimes, it is over my head).
    I am not asking for anything, but if it is of any interest to anyone, I have two Facebook pages
    Klima Design Group and Ageless Solutions. Please like us! Just to lift our spirits.

    • says

      Marina – how exceptionally generous of you to donate as well – even though you already have purchase Authority Rules. Thank YOU so much!

    • says

      Shane – so very sorry to hear about the loss of your sister, and also that your wife has skin cancer. It’s been something that has affected many in my wife’s family, and overall is just a terrible disease.

      • says

        Thanks. It’s frustrating indeed. My wife had surgery with a dermatoligist, but she didn’t get it all. We reseached and found out a full-blown surgeon, using a machine with a microscope to see as they operate if they got it all, should have done the procedure since the cancer was so close to my wife’s eye and nose. Now we have to go back for a 2nd attempt.
        Cancer got my sister. Right after that, my grandmother. My four cats died of cancer too. #WTF

  2. says

    This is great.

    I love that this post is truly focused on the charity and is not self-serving. You are not only helping an amazing cause but you are helping your readers/donors by giving out your course. Great for all parties – hopefully it brings in many donations.

  3. Joe Stewart says

    Thanks, but the Susan B. Komen foundation is not on my top ten. I support the American Cancer Society. It’s not as sexy but I think if you check it out, more money goes to research. Imagine what “the Cure’s” marketing budget is.

    • says


      Events like these in the US are sort-of like a foot race (say a half-marathon), but you can get more people involved. Not everyone is a runner.

      It’s a good way to raise awareness and funds for a cause.

  4. says

    What a great thing to do, Sonia! I am recovered from breast cancer, and I have benefited from Komen funding to Smith Farm, a remarkable resource for healing from cancer. When last year I drove by the Race for the Cure in Washington DC where I live, tears streamed from my eyes. I felt the compassion and love from that crowd, and wished I could have told them how much their caring and fund raising meant to me personally, and to all who benefit from the miracle that is the Komen Foundation. I felt my own love for each person who gave up their time to serve the needs of others. So I’m send that back out to walkers and now pledgers…you will never know how you caring act will touch the life of another person. Thank you!!!


  5. says

    Thanks for doing this, you guys.

    I see @MissyWard all over the place with this cause, too.

    As I write this, a family member is under the knife, having a lumpectomy for Breast cancer.

    Again, thanks for walking!

    The Franchise King®

    • says

      Oh, gosh – seriously Joel? I hope that turns out ok…

      As for Missy – yes, she’s got an incredible story and she’s passionate about the cause. I had the pleasure of talking to her and comparing “walk” notes with her this year at SXSW. Great woman, she is.

  6. says

    This is very cool!

    We have a dear friend who is in stage 4 and it sucks. 4 small kids.

    I just finished the Authority Rules Business Transformer and it was awesome.

    Can those of us who already joined donate and give a membership to another person?

    I’ll give either way. But I love to share the love.



  7. says

    Way to go, Brian & Shelly! I am doing my 8th 3-Day in San Diego in November. I turn 60 the week after the event so I’ve got this nice little theme (that my contributors created) of $60 for 60 miles for this soon-to-be 60-year-old. This is the place where you look at my photo and say You don’t look 60. :-)

    This is a cause near and dear to my heart. My sister is a 10+ year survivor and there are 3 survivors on our Fight Like A Girl team. I will pray to the no blisters gods for you. Thanks to you and Copyblogger for bringing attention to such a great cause.

    I wear the names of survivors and those we lost to cancer on my Walk. Last year I wore Shane’s family members’ names-peace, my friend. All of these brave souls are why we walk. Walk on!

  8. says

    Great cause and such a tragedy for so many women. My mum’s had breast cancer twice and still going. I’m a regular donor so won’t be supporting you with $$ – just in thought!

    Go for it and thanks for publicising :)


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