Kurt Cobain: Entrepreneur?

Kurt Cobain

If you want to start a business, or you’re struggling to grow one, you might want to check out this article I wrote for Lateral Action – The Kurt Cobain Guide to Startup Success. You’ll likely be surprised at how deliberate the success of Nirvana’s breakthrough album Nevermind was.

And since Nirvana was in the music business (a form of content), every blogger and copywriter can use Nirvana’s story as inspiration to create more compelling and innovative content themselves (hopefully you’ll have a happier ending).

Check it out here.

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  1. That was a nice article. It is too bad that you could have not put it on here. Oh well I guess. Anyways, that web site seems to be taken off and I bet you are beginning to feel success over there.

  2. Huh, thats cool. I didn’t know Kurt was a entrepreneur. But it would make since why their album was so popular (and still is). Thanks for the article and info.

  3. Cool. Though his end was some immortal copy, no?

  4. Doesn’t quite a lot of Nirvana marketing revolve around Kurt Cobain killing himself?

  5. Jack, he killed himself over two years after Nevermind went platinum. More like an effect of success rather than the cause of it.

  6. Obviously, the title has a spelling error – “entreprenuer”. It supposed to be “entrepreneur”. However, I like kurt cobain and I admired his talent and contribution in alternative rock.

  7. I guess it wasn’t that obvious to me. :)

    Fixed, and thanks!

  8. Great Article, Brian!

    I was curious what everyone thought about this concept:
    #0 – Cobain was Himself.
    He didn’t try to be anything other than himself. While many consider his singing skills lacking in traditional strength, his voice was original. This is paramount when you look at the other points & realize that Cobain’s need to break the status quo, mixing innovation with fundamentals & marketing were all part of him – it drove him to suicide. As a result Cobain’s personal stamp of himself, of who he was was SO engrained in Nirvana’s DNA that it couldn’t exist without him.

    Pretty powerful stuff…

  9. (Sorry…hit the return button before I finished)

    I think as copywriters this is incredibly important for us to develop our own unique voices. Especially given that it seems like we all get the same products that focus on the same rules, that it’s important to challenge them sometimes as well.

    As Cobain said, “You Know You’re Right”.

  10. Of course Cobain was an entrepreneur. The second he signed a record contract he became one.

    Why else did he make videos, tour and released singles?

    A lot of Nirvana songs owe a lot to groups like the Ramones, Beatles and even Boston. All of whom wrote hook-laden songs.

    Good songs nevertheless.

    good post

  11. It all comes down to the same thing…be creative, be a pioneer, be different and great things can happen.

    As far as not getting married, I haven’t joined that club yet, so I suppose I’m on track.

  12. I guess Nirvana is a super exceptional band. Kurt Cobain knows what he wants, and he knows how to do it. And this is the best marketing style one can get.

    Although his death was not a good example, no one can deny that he made the news.

    Now, is it really better to burn out than to fade away?

  13. Yes… I knew Nirvana was on air for quite sometime… We can surely get inspiration from them..



  15. I especially like the “creative -entrepreneurs can be creative rockstars” line – that hits home in what I’m doing. Just need some time, you’ll know all about it once we get some demos done!

  16. great post. We can definitely get some inspiration from the people like Nirvana

  17. let’s start to learn from success man…….and making world peace full

  18. I guess it wasn’t that obvious to me. :)

    Fixed, and thanks!

  19. “Be careful who you marry”
    Epic! I’m still single so I guess I have a better chance of sucess!