Landing Page Makeover Clinic #5:

Landing Page Makeover

Today’s makeover is for Mike Glanz. He’s looking to energize and increase his ROI for his site, HireAHelper. This site is all about finding local help for lawns, moving, cleaning, and the other kinds of chores that are necessary but a drag and drain on most busy homeowners.

Unlike high-priced companies or taking a chance on what you might find on, HireAHelper provides reviews, a secure method of payment, and a list of qualified helpers. Sounds like a neat service, but Mike tells me that visitors who are coming through his PPC ads don’t seem to understand the site concept once they get there. They are unsure or uneducated about ordering local services online.

And that must be so because Mike writes that his conversion rate is .9%. Value to Mike is $15-$20 per sale.

Let’s see what the Copywriting Maven can do to help Mike move more local services to more people.

Here’s the background:

  • The Goal
    Increase conversion rate from .9 to 2% in six months (Mike didn’t provide a goal, so I think doubling the conversion rate in 6 months is specific, realistic and quantifiable.)
  • The Problem
    Visitors don’t understand the concept, or to my mind are skeptical and wary, especially about having strangers coming to their home without a specific company affiliation. I’ll address this in the critique below.
  • The Current Landing Page (homepage) but wants to make /Day-Labor, /Moving-Help, /Lawn-Help, and /Cleaning-Help specific pages work better. We’ll use for this makeover.
  • Page/Ad that Generates the Click-Through
    Click here to view page.

The Maven’s 10-Point Critique

Hire a HelperClick image for larger view

#1 – Specific section site pages can work as effective landing pages, but they still have to do the heavy lifting of a regular landing page which, in this case, is get folks to sign-up.

The overall look of the site is attractive and well organized. Individual pages like this one look and read well. But as I review the copy I’m thinking it doesn’t address what, to my mind, are key factors. Credibility and Security. In fact, it’s not mentioned at all. Who are these people? Their credentials? What kind of insurance do you carry? What if “something happens?” What is my recourse? We’re all busy but folks in their 40s-70s who might be looking for inexpensive help would need to have their fears soothed. So soothe them.

#2 – In line with Point #1, bolster credibility with lots and lots of testimonials, the more local the better.

Have solid testimonials, with photos if possible, on this main page. When folks put in their zipcode – a great technique because you have major curiosity working for you – have them see local testimonials on the results page.

#3 – Consider a new tag line.

Get local help. Cheap. is catchy but it doesn’t encourage confidence – again, who are these people who will be coming to my house? You have a nice line toward the end of the copy: professional service, without the professional price. Think about how you could incorporate this kind of phrasing, add local or neighborhood or backyard, and I think you’ll pop your credibility even further.

#4 – Show me more credibility with BBB logo, state/local licenses, and/or other signs that your company is on the up and up.

Your prospects will put great stock in recognizable signs of quality and authority so make sure you have some.

#5 – Show me even more credibility with a strong guarantee.

Will you stand behind the work done by the people listed on your site? What other ways can you reduce the obvious risks of using your service?

#6 – Is there a better way to say “day laborers?”

When I hear/read the phrase “day laborer”, I’m picturing in my head a group of down-on-their-luck men milling around a truck waiting to be picked for some tough, dirty work. With that picture in my head, I’m not sure I want “day laborers” coming to my house. I like the term “helpers.” You can expand that to assistants, quick-job experts, or anything that makes sense. You can use day laborers if you immediately clarify what you mean with specifics – painters, computer repair genuises, etc. The key here is to use descriptions that carry a positive or neutral meaning.

#7 – Don’t forget to keep paragraph line lengths to 5 lines max and add plenty of white space.

Make your content easy to read, easy to scan. Especially important for older prospects. Watch the font size, too.

Hire a HelperClick image for larger view

#8 – Spelling counts, too, and make your logo clickable to the homepage.

Ooopsy on the “recieve.” :) . On the second point, experienced web folks expect this convention on most websites today. Keep the home tab, though, for everyone else.

#9 – How many customers do you have?

By state? Region? Find a way to run the numbers so you can create big visual bursts of additional credibility as visitors review your content and consider moving deeper into your site toward a sign-up.

#10 – How about a discount for first-time subscribers or offer some sort of multi-pack services option?

Give prospects an additional nudge toward trying you, because once they try you, they’ll help do some of the selling for you. In fact, think about tried and true ways you could leverage your existing customer base, like Member-Get-A-Member programs. Or perhaps some sort of social marketing to help boost the “I know a guy” referral network. That will help build your base AND your credibility all at the same time!

My thanks to Mike Glanz for his support of Heifer International.

Here’s your chance to be the Copywriting Maven’s next landing page makeover!

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Roberta Rosenberg is The Copywriting Maven at MGP Direct, Inc.

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  1. I think if the site added language options such as spanish and portuguese you would see that conversion rate sky rocket. Just my 2 centavos.

  2. Very nice article. After revamping our real estate website to be a completely wordpress website, we are hopeful that our paid clicks will start sticking around longer.

    Would you mind taking a look at

    This is currently our landing page from various places we buy clicks.

    Will email you shortly as well.

  3. Jay, that’s an excellent suggestion!

  4. Awesome job Roberta,

    We are worried about doing a money back guarantee since we are only advertising for local college students and small businesses.

    Guaranteeing the service would be similar to the yellow pages guaranteeing the quality of the company that you select out of their listings. (We are only making 15% of the total sale, so a couple “jobs gone bad” would really kill our margins.)

    Same problem with a discount or sign up bonus… We make 15%, but 1/3 of that goes to credit card processing. So we could give a 10% discount and break even on the deal, or 5% and cut the margins even lower. Do you think its worth it considering that 98% of our customers (at least now) are first time users?

  5. Many companies “loss-leader” their introductory rates to attract new customers and focus on the LTV or lifetime value of those customers. There’s an old marketing “saw” – dollars to get ’em and pennies to keep ’em.”

    I didn’t get the initial sense that you were using a Yellow Pages model. If that’s the case, it strikes me you may want to further clarify your business model to eliminate any visitor confusion as to what they can/should expect from your service.

  6. They might consider changing out the clipart to photography that shows professional-looking “helpers” working on popularly-requested tasks. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the right image can help lend the credibility to augment the copy suggestions. As it stands right now, the clipart image isn’t adding any value.

  7. Any person can sign on as a helper, select the services they provide and get job requests.

    We process the credit card for them and then direct deposit the money, -15% commission when the job is completed.

    It isn’t exactly like the yellow pages, but its not exactly like a typical service provider either!

  8. Hey thanks for this one. Off topic – this site is exactly what I was looking for “” . . .

    On Topic I think the site is very well laid out complemented with nice comforting earth tones. The clip art is cute and it added to the comfort level. Really I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a very nice site. So says all the others I forwarded the email to.

    Keep in mind I was not looking to critique any sites today. I just opened my email and saw the usual daily from CopyBlogger – FTW!

  9. Thanks for the feedback JP! Hope you or your friends have blogs to link to us!

  10. having nightmare ‘contractor’ experience (work half done, drinking, theft etc. – we renovate our homes)…safety is Key. So is someone that speaks my language (english). Whatever you can do to make me feel secure (background check your people?) is a BIG thing. I picked my carpet cleaning service because they advertized all employees have background checks. Most people will spend a few dollars more to have this—-and to have someone show up ON TIME and not dressed like a bum. Dont sell you service short – it is HARD to get people to do the little things – the half day projects.

  11. I love #8 – and it’s something that has always bothered me in design and usability. Make that logo click able!

  12. Excellent article. Wish you spoke Dutch so you could checkout my site:

  13. If you can have it translated into conversational English, I could!

  14. I’m with Jacki on needing a bit of professional proof. Here in NC’s dirty armpit – known as the hub of IBX or Washington, NC – trying to find a clean & sober worker isn’t easy.

  15. 5% Credit Card Processing Fees ? Yeeouch ! You may want to shop around. I know that many of the affinity cards will carry a premium but the regular Visa & MC can be processed for a lot less. The thing is to negotiate every line item in the contract. Don’t accept the basic “one size fits all” approach.
    I would have figured that this was a cash only business as the workers certainly want to be paid right away.
    My hat’s off to you pal if you can make it on 10%, that’s some feat ! Email me if you want some help on merchant services.
    I can be reached at:

  16. First of all, I like the site. Mike there is something else that you should do. Establish good relationship with all truck rental companies(penske, budget and uhaul). When people rent trucks from those companies and for some reason the truck breaks down, those companies are responsible for replacing the broken truck and for the moving labor(load transer from one truck to another). You can offer them a moving labor in all states. I’m sure the rental companies would want to deal with one person/company instead of calling different moving companies every time.

  17. thank you for sharing!!

    First of all, I like the site. Mike there is something else that you should do. Establish good relationship with all truck rental companies(penske, budget and uhaul). When people rent trucks from those companies and for some reason the truck breaks down, those companies are responsible for replacing the broken truck and for the moving labor(load transer from one truck to another). You can offer them a moving labor in all states. I’m sure the rental companies would want to deal with one person/company instead of calling different moving companies every time.