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Landing Pages are like Putting Greens

I finally got around to creating a landing page for all the great articles and case studies that Roberta Rosenberg has done on landing pages in the last year. It’s a pretty hefty resource, and I haven’t seen this much landing page advice in one place outside of a paid product.

Also, I realize there are some who are still fuzzy on the whole concept of what a landing page is. Or you may think of a landing page in only one context (such as PPC) without realizing all the ways they are used. So I added a comprehensive definition and some examples as well. Check it out here.

P.S. Oh, and if you’re wondering what golf has to do with landing pages, well… you’ll have to see for yourself.

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  1. Great resource Brian (and Roberta!), but in the future do please publish such a landing page-collection at the beginning of a weekend 😉

  2. Wow, nice to see all those resources under a single comprehensive umbrella – thanks, Brian!

  3. How well do Landing pages do on the Search Engines and on Social sites.

    It appears that one most Search Engines – if you have any characters in the URLs that appear to be dynamic – your page wont be given weight.

    Also, if there are too many links and not enough content – could it harm the page’s rankings?

  4. Not sure what you mean by dynamic, since the URLs are fixed.

    As for ranking, do a search for “copywriting” and look for Copywriting 101… that’s a content landing page.

  5. So much to learn and so few hours to learn it in.

  6. Thanks, Brian.

    This is just what I need right now, and you’re right…I was thinking that landing pages are just pretty much for PPC. Thanks for enlightening me!

  7. Nice post!additional information for me. Good work bryan!;-)

  8. Another great resource Brian!

  9. Thanks for the resource. There is so much more about landing pages than I expected.


  10. Huh? Good point. I’m not selling anything with my site, but I am trying to build a readership and I’m always sending out emails to my friends and contacts about it. I usually just direct them to whatever post I think is relevant, but I guess I could do something to get them subscribe or other stuff like that. Very interesting!

  11. This kind of article is the reason copyblogger is one of the websites I check out regularly. There is so much information here, my head is spinning. Thanks for the post!

    – Dave

  12. Thanks for the great resource.

    It would be great if there was a “revisited” series so that we could discover how many of the makeover suggestions were implemented and the real effects these had on conversion rates, ROI, etc.

    – Hadi

  13. @Hadi – When I done a follow-up look, some participants have made many of the suggested changes and some not at all. But for those who have made changes and gotten back to me, most have seen improvement in their response rates, click-thrus and revenue.

    (If you’re a Maven Landing Page Makeover participant and want to share your results, please email me and I’ll be happy to do an update post!)

  14. Very interesting ,thanks Brian

  15. We just need to have a sight up on my home page on my internet as my husband likes to write land letters,
    Thank you very much. I would appreaciate that.

    Thank you.

    Catherine T/ Greene

  16. I am curious of having an encore post with the results. Thanks for the post Brian.

  17. Looking to create a landing page to build readership. Just learned what should have been obvious, that landing pages are great way to do this.

  18. Very informative post..yes..we must treat landing pages in our sites effectively. Its like considering one’s site like his own “All in one” shop..we should be very clear with the idea coz a visitor enters a mall with a clear idea of what he wants..we need to guide and direct him to the respective department to buy what he wants..similarly bloggers should do it with “landing page”…direct ur visitors to the respective links…

  19. This is a great resource – thanks for sharing.