Link Karma and the Sandbox of Gloom

Stuck in the Google sandbox?

If you’ve just started blogging, you probably need links more than you want to read link posts. So, I’m going to dedicate this installment of Link Karma to resources that will help you score links.

Here we go…

101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006

Nice headline, even nicer resource. Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans lay it all out for you in this great post.

Top 50 Blogs in the Search Space

The top link builders around are often SEO experts, thanks to the importance linkage plays in the search engine ranking algorithms. Rand of SEOmoz (who you should be reading) tells you about everyone else you should be reading.

Introduction to Social Media Optimization

Two weeks ago, I questioned the continued value of the term SEO, because good link building brings direct traffic before it brings search traffic. So, SEOs are somewhat selling themselves short.

A week later, Rohit Bhargava coined the term social media optimization (SMO), and Cameron Olthuis expands on the subject here. While SEO involves more than just SMO, social media optimization is a cool way to think about gaining those authority links that bring traffic and drive top rankings.

So… how about SESMO (search engine and social media optimization) as a catch all?

Well… maybe not. But I snagged just in case. :)

Problogger’s “List Post” Writing Project

Need a link from an A-List blog today? Write yourself a killer list post and submit it to Darren Rowse. Beyond the link, you’ll have a chance to win a prize. How cool is that?

Hurry though – time is running out. Here’s the info to get started.

BlogJolt for eMoms

Are you a blogger who also happens to be a mother? (wow… that was pretty PC of me!) Check out Wendy Piersall’s BlogJolt link-building project.

Link Building Blog

With a name that dead on, how can I forget this gem, written by Patrick Gavins and Andy Hagans (there’s that guy again) from Text Link Ads.

And if You Want to See Great Link Bait…

Nick Carr scores big attention by complaining that he doesn’t get enough attention. In response, Scott Karp gets his Link Zen going

Bonus Link:

Do You Zillow?

If you are someone who is familiar with the real estate valuation site Zillow, why not share your opinion about it in this survey?

While this link doesn’t necessarily fit in with today’s theme, it’s an example of true link karma. Joseph Ferrara of Sellsius Real Estate is a great guy and he asked me to help him get more responses to this survey. Sometimes, that’s all that matters.

OK, name the movie sequel reference I made with this post’s title. You’ll win the secret congratulatory prize words . . . with a retail value way too high to publish here.

This one is still too easy, I know. :)

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Reader Comments (19)

  1. says

    I know that the third movie you find out that they named the protagonist after their dog, Indiana.

    Great post Brian. I just recently started my blog,, and I’ve been having a rise and fall of visitors. So far, no stickiness; however, I’m going to try some of the tips in the links above.

    Actually, to be honest with you, I read your Magnetic Headlines tips, and my traffic has gone up, as well as my Feedburner subscribers.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    Thanks Chubbs, but as far as the movie reference goes… sorry, no points for smart subtlety in this contest. :)

    You win Mike. And the congratulatory prize words are:

    Damn fine work.

  3. says

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was going to be my guess too… but in case that’s wrong, I’ll go with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 😉 (same structure, but fire doesn’t rhyme with Gloom).

  4. says

    What’s not to LOVE about Brian Clark? Thanks my friend, for the cross-pollination of your readers with ours.

  5. says

    They are definitely linked and lots of the same principles apply to both. Perhaps the way to define them is simply to focus on optimization versus promotion. Optimization, to me, refers to many of the changes relating to the content of a site or blog to help it rank higher. Promotion would be more about marketing through networking, linking and other activities. Either way, I’m sure in time the right terminology will emerge.

  6. says

    I’ll accept the DFW ( Damn Fine Work ) Award on the premise that I get to actually name the real recipient and that, my friend, is you – Brian Clark, Blogger of Great Copy, Esq.

  7. says

    BTW – Can you get that wild man, Pearson to add you in a “Subscribe To Comments” plugin ?

    I don’t want to subscribe to an RSS feed for a single post, but the freakin’ comments here are better than a lot of blogs !

  8. says

    Love your resources — though I’m already participating in Darren’s list contest.

    Brian, you should try submitting something. It’d be interesting to see what kind of headlines you come up with..

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