Link Karma Story Time

Link Karma

This collection of link karma is a bit different, in that the links lead to articles that tell a story about Teaching Sells.

I’ll connect the dots next week, and no, I didn’t throw in the Joy Division link just to throw you off. :-)

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  1. Morten K. Holst :

    Nice! Despite the somewhat generic (domain)name and info from your 2 latest posts (and their respetive comments) you still had me running to a domainname registrant and checking the whois data on the website..

  2. You really know how to keep us hanging don’t you!

    I’m looking forward to you joining the dots next week :-)


  3. There’s more than a few artists who work while listening to Joy Division.

    I am one of them.

  4. As a fan of all things 80s and goth, I really look forward to hearing what you have to say about Joy Division. I keep reading that all you need to do is ‘discover what you were great at as a child and surely that’s what you are meant to do with your life’ so I’m currently working on a business that includes: roller skating, chocolate chip cookie dough, goth clothing, talking on the phone for hours, writing, collecting hundreds of albums and of course driving my parents crazy…

  5. These are great links, Brian. I particularly liked the first one with the YouTube interview of Cory Doctorow.

  6. Brian,

    This is the best collection of links I’ve ever seen put together in one post. Seriously. And though I’d read a post from Success From the Nest before, it was this one that got me to see what a great resource it is.

    Maybe it’s because a lot of thoughts are coming together in the form of ‘what to do now’ to actually make money from an old idea in a new package. I think you pushed me over the edge. Now to get to work…

  7. hey great post :) i am checkinn them all :)

  8. Both IE and FireFox are using Pop Up blockers – so they too are engaging in a sort of theft

    It may not be as extreme as AdBlock – but the underlying principal is still the same