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  • ‘Damn Good Advice’ From One Of The Real Mad Men
  • The Power of Short Copy in the Internet Age
  • 3 Reasons Why Online Advertising Sucks
  • The Un-Cool Virtue That Defines Entrepreneurship
  • How to Boost Sales by Offering Less
  • What Really Makes Content Marketing Work
  • How to Become the Best in Your Field

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‘Damn Good Advice’ From One Of The Real Mad Men
Though traditional advertising has had its day, the legendary Mr. Lois lays down a few true gems in this short interview, pushing his new book. Chief among his advice is “The word must come first.” It’s the copy that potential buyers remember, think about, and act on. True in the days of the Madison Avenue men, true in the age of delivering persuasive content over time …


The Power of Short Copy in the Internet Age
Though there’s a time and a place for long copy, my heart and mind will always turn first to the laconic phrase. We’re working in a world where — to paraphrase Mr. Brogan — everyone lives in a 3 inch screen. Do not turn away from marketing through brevity. That is all.


3 Reasons Why Online Advertising Sucks
Mr. Clark is never one to shy away from a worthwhile argument, and in this article, he opens up a discussion around the strangely popular online advertising model that many startups cling to. If you want to make a living from publishing your work online, advertising is the worst model around. Here’s why …


The Un-Cool Virtue That Defines Entrepreneurship
So much of what we want to accomplish needs to be done when nobody is looking. Applause feels good, but it never delivers on its promise. There is a virtue that, when developed, can make all the difference. Do you have it?


How to Boost Sales by Offering Less
With apologies to its residents who may be reading this, Las Vegas — to me — is overwhelming. I’ve only been there once, on The Strip, and it all seemed just too much. But then, if you stripped away The Strip, it wouldn’t be Vegas right? Turns out, the opposite is true of your landing pages …


What Really Makes Content Marketing Work
Ms. Simone snuck this one past me. I love her no-nonsense approach to this short interview, delivering more value in a few lines that the Internet knows what to do with. If you’re just getting to know Sonia, read it, then spend some time catching up with one of best content writers and thinkers working online today.


How to Become the Best in Your Field
There seems to be a thread of “less is more” running through The Lede this week. I’d like to say I planned it that way, but … anyway, Mr. Newport solidifies his arguments for true mastery with this short case study of a Chess Master and Economist. Rather, a former Chess Master and current Economist. If you want to be the very best in your field, you’re going to have to make a few difficult decisions …

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  1. Currently reading the “3 Reasons Why Online Advertising Sucks” and it is really good information. The read for the weekend.

  2. The Mad man post was inspiring. I didn’t know he was behind ‘I want my MTV’.

    The second post, however ironic, looked quite long with its huge blocks of text and the lack of subheadings, considering the post was about capturing the attention of the Internet reader. I didn’t even get to read the first line.

    Just my 2 pesos.

  3. Another great list Robert. Like the idea about boosting sales by offering less. Thanks for sharing.


  4. The second article is titled “Say it quick, say it well” — it’s about “the attention span of a modern internet consumer” — and the article has 1,282 words. That struck me as funny.

  5. nice info.. more inspire resource, get more attention..

  6. Just found this list from a friend’s bookmark. This is gold. Reading begins… :)