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This week on The Lede

  • The 7 Deadly Sins Of Content Promotion
  • 10 Blogging Lessons from Seth Godin
  • Email (Still) Kills the Social Networking Star
  • The Marketing Organization of the Future
  • How Passion Created 500,000 Profitable Fans
  • The 2 Most Common Content Strategy Pitfalls
  • Content Marketing Case Study: A 40% Boost in Revenue

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Content Promotion
Content can take you a long, long way in your business goals. But, just like a bad weekend in Vegas, its power can also lure you into some practices that can leave you destitute and confused. Allow Mr. Sammy to guide you through those potential thickets.


10 Blogging Lessons from Seth Godin
Seth. Blogging. Advice. List. Mr. Patel is hitting all the hot buttons of readability in this supremely useful post, highlighting his observations of just how Mr. Godin does it.


How Dan Wieden Came Up With “Just Do It”
Ms. Conradt retells the unusual story of one of the most famous advertising slogans ever written, a good example of the Content Crossroads approach to creativity. Sitting down and sweating blood is not a pleasurable way to create. It’s also not very effective. Keep your eyes (and ears) open to the passing world around you. Make connections. Write it down. Prosper.


The Marketing Organization of the Future
In this short, powerful interview, Douglas Rushkoff speculates (correctly) how marketing will work in the near future. Hint: some of us are already there. When should you start marketing? If you’re in the business of selling products, services or ideas, you already are marketing … for better or worse.


How One Man’s Passion Created 500,000 Profitable Fans
On behalf of Entreproducer.com, I cornered Mr. Rowse for a quick and interesting interview about how he built a massive audience and a growing business — from scratch — by listening to his audience and publishing content relevant to their needs and interests. And it’s probably not the site you’re thinking of …


The 2 Most Common Content Strategy Pitfalls
Ms. Kissane hits a universal nerve with these two pitfalls. The first will ultimately determine how much revenue potential you’ve got. The second, whether you’ll continue with your content strategy at all.


Content Marketing Case Study: A 40% Boost in Revenue
What if you could peer into the specifics of a professional content campaign that generated actual results, actual revenue? I’ll give you at at least two immediate ways to do so: 1. Read and observe copyblogger.com closely (it’s no secret that we practice what we teach by practicing while we teach), 2. Read Mr. Kirkpatrick’s case study linked above.

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