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  • The Secrets Behind Content With 10,000+ Shares
  • Why LinkedIn Will Outlive Facebook
  • The 9 Most Creative Marketing Uses of Pinterest
  • The Gory Details of a WordPress Blog Hacking Nightmare
  • How to Create Time When You Don’t Have Enough
  • David Ogilvy’s 7 Tips for Writing Copy That Sells
  • Storytelling Advice from Billy Wilder

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The Secrets Behind Content With 10,000+ Shares
Every online publisher dreams of the viral hit. We’ve all heard the stories of the last decade — a single piece of content that launched a business or a career. Though the complete knowledge of what makes something spread on an astronomical level is still buried deep in the human mind, there are some proven principles that can be applied to the words we write. Principles that, by the way, also make for great content marketing in general …


Why LinkedIn Will Outlive Facebook
My utter lack of interest in Facebook aside, Mr. James makes a fantastic case for why LinkedIn has a shot at staying around much longer than some of the other big social networking sites. It has to do with an entirely unsexy positioning in the market. It also provides (indirectly) yet another important lesson in the kind of content and services that a great number of customers — in any industry — need and want.


The 9 Most Creative Marketing Uses of Pinterest
It’s usually never a good idea to simply cut and paste the tactics from one successful project or campaign into another. It’d be cool if that’s how strategy worked, alas. Different platforms require different approaches. You need to observe, understand, and then execute a plan — in context. Mr. Ifeanyi displays a handful of great Pinterest marketing campaigns here, from companies that have taken the time and effort to understand where they are campaigning.


The Gory Details of a WordPress Blog Hacking Nightmare
Yes, it can happen to you. No, that’s not a scare tactic, it’s a fact. I think that’s all I’ll say about this, go ahead and click, if you dare.


How to Create Time When You Don’t Have Enough
Excuses. We love them. Generally, we’d rather spend our hours coming up with new ones, than finding ways to overcome our difficulties. Time is one of those resources that suffers most from our excuses. And it is, of course, our most valuable resource. Mr. Babauta tells the story of his problems with “finding the time,” and in the telling, how he found more to get done what he needed to do.


David Ogilvy’s 7 Tips for Writing Copy That Sells
If you hold the opinion that I link too much to Ogilvy-related content here in The Lede, consider yourself fortunate that my little weekly page is not Ogilvy-only. If you know him, you probably can’t get enough of him. That’s largely because so much of his advice about copywriting and content is so damn useful and useable. Well, forgive me, but here are 7 more from the gentleman advertiser. And Bob’s your uncle.


Storytelling Advice from Billy Wilder
From one of the greatest writer/directors that Hollywood ever had the honor to work for, a little list that could double as a series of Tweets. Sometimes it takes a legend’s pen to make us believe that the obvious is true.

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