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  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Blogging
  • The Secret Code for Cracking ‘Tough’ Books and Reading Above Your Level
  • The True Cost of Building and Managing a WordPress Website
  • The Bootstrapper’s Bible
  • Why the iPad Works for Writing
  • The “5 A” Framework for Content Marketing Success
  • A 5-Step Technique for Producing Ideas

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6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Blogging
Mr. Tynski thinks you should quit. Everybody’s doing it. Problem is, they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Horribly, sadly wrong. Where did you ever get the idea that content production was easy? That overnight success was the norm? That a billion dollar IPO was something you should shoot for? Aw, just go ahead and quit. I’m sure there’s something new and shiny for you just around the corner …


The Secret Code for Cracking ‘Tough’ Books and Reading Above Your Level
Read less. Read better. A dirty little secret of human wisdom (and western publishing) is that, for any given subject you’d like to master, there are only a handful of books that need to be read. Everything else is filler or pale imitation. The catch is, you’ve got to pick the right books. It’s not necessarily difficult to determine what they are, what’s difficult is getting down to business with them. Mr. Holiday lays out a useful plan for doing just that — extracting the valuable lessons from “tough” reads.


The True Cost of Building and Managing a WordPress Website
Think you’re getting a deal from that cheap web host? Think again. The cost of hosting and maintaining a WordPress website is a bit more complex than “getting the cheapest price I can find”. From our newly unboxed Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting blog, Mr. Morris analyzes these costs — the ones you know about, and the ones you might have missed — and explains what they mean for you, your site, and your business.


The Bootstrapper’s Bible
Mr. Godin wrote this impressive little manifesto in 2004 stating, “There’s never been a better time to start a business with no money.” Seven years later, that statement may be even more true. Mr. Clark has said that, in many ways, building Copyblogger would be much easier today, with the rise of the sharing economy, etc. So take the tools in this free PDF and run them into 2012 and beyond.


Why the iPad Works for Writing
Call me crazy, but if I wasn’t producing Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio, I’d run my entire working life from an iPad. No desktop, no laptop, just that gorgeous, single-tasking little solid-state tablet. Granted, not everyone can do this, but 90% of my work is done in a text editor and through email. Anyway, here’s a few good reasons why the iPad makes for a great writing environment. And, if you developers out there would make an all-in-one serious podcasting app for iOS, you got your first customer right here baby.


The “5 A” Framework for Content Marketing Success
Frameworks are cool. They drop in place, and allow you to get to work on the things that matter, keeping you on course as you go along. Frameworks that build businesses are even cooler. The reason why should be obvious. Mr. Clark drops a content framework into place for you here, one that he’s been working out since the 1990s. No reason to spend a decade or more sweating to figure it out for yourself, he’s got you covered.


A 5-Step Technique for Producing Ideas
Speaking of frameworks, how do you grab your ideas? Do you stare at a wall, or out the window, waiting, praying for a good one to come along? What if there were a systematic process for “producing” ideas? Turns out, there is. You can thank me later.

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  1. says

    I’ve got four of these 7 links open in new tabs now, but decided not to wait until later to thank you. Love this post, love your site, love it all. Keep it coming!

  2. says

    Thanks for posting these useful links. I found Point #5 – ‘You want to be limited by someone else’s rules’ on “6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Blogging” interesting. I think people forget that social media platforms ‘limit’ what you can say. Don’t get me wrong, I think Twitter is a fabulous tool for writers. Posting 160 characters or less can be tricky. You have to ‘think’ about your ‘tweet’ which means editing your words. But a blog can be as short or long as you want it to be. You get to test what works and what doesn’t work for your audience. You get to build your platform on your own terms.

  3. says

    Robert, did you look into Garage Band for your podcast on your iPad? You can have your jingle and record the interview as you go then export it to iTunes. Just a thought. Love your posts and podcasts too! *****

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