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  • One Man’s Email Newsletter Leads the Fight Against Tweet Overload
  • Twitch
  • When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use a WordPress Plugin
  • 11 Ideal Times to Write
  • 5 Rules Every Developer Wants You to Follow
  • The “Hell Yes!” Approach To Better Decision Making
  • The Top 10 Content Traffic Killers

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One Man’s Email Newsletter Leads the Fight Against Tweet Overload
First: This story is about Mr. Pell, who writes a curated links email newsletter. Second: He’s successfully publishing a curated links email newsletter in the age of Twitter, the link sharing leviathan. Third: If you think email’s on the downturn, that you’d rather skip it in favor of a “social networking focus,” think again. Please.


I sometimes re-write headlines for our Twitter feed and for The Lede. Mr. Godin famously breaks all the headline rules, a) because he wants to, and b) because his sustained publishing excellence over the last two decades allows him to do so. I offer his unadulterated one-word headline above. Though I would suggest you not follow his lead regarding headline writing, go ahead and click through to find out what he’s talking about with this one (it’s worth it).


When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use a WordPress Plugin
If you publish content to a WordPress website, chances are you either have been, or currently are, a little plugin crazy. It’s one of the nice bonuses to working with WordPress, if you need a specific option for your site, you can usually find it out there in the form of a plugin. However, there’s a dark side to the world of plugins. This one goes out to those of you who can’t stop installing. And installing. And installing …


11 Ideal Times to Write
I’m for number one on this list. I’d add that writing directly after (and sometimes about) a magnificent failure works as well. It’s one of the supreme benefits of being a writer, no matter what happens to you in this life, everything is grist for that old mill.


5 Rules Every Developer Wants You to Follow
I don’t understand developers. Thankfully, I work with some of the best in the business. They consistently deliver what needs doing while I — drooling and mumbling — continuously attempt to ask for what’s needed. If you’re not as fortunate as I am in this regard, this article from Mr. Norcross will help you along.


The “Hell Yes!” Approach To Better Decision Making
A simple (and very useful) formula, developed by Mr. Sivers and distilled by Ms. Rae, for making decisions regarding your working life. Though I personally disagree that the question of what I “want” should always be the foremost driver of professional decision-making, I think the underlying idea here is solid. And of course, simple does not mean easy, but is anything in this life truly easy?


The Top 10 Content Traffic Killers
Though the pursuit of raw pageviews for their own sake is a fool’s errand, if you want to work towards building a responsive audience that may someday support your work, you can’t ignore the necessity of traffic. Mr. Hyatt condenses eight years of digital platform building lessons into one quick post.


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    Of all these I have already read Michael Hyatts 10 Content Trafiic killers. Actually got his book, “Platform: Getting Noticed In a Noisy World”. It’s a good read. Just about to read the rest.

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    Thanks for sharing these links, I read When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use a WordPress Plugin post and have removed some plugins on my blogs, I hope it will help me improve my blog loading speed. Thanks again.

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    Thanks again for the info there. I am not that techy but thanks to you guys I am really getting there with my wordpress blog and it saves me outsourcing of course!:)

    BOOM! :)


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    Thanks! I’m so non-technical in this field that I was thinking of hiring somebody to help. Ypur posts are gold-dust to me, I’m learning so much.

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    Thanks for sharing tips and I really like the 5 tips regarding developers and its really teach me quite a few new things and I would consider them while working with developers.

    Thanks for sharing very informative links in the article :-)

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    Definitely a must read! “The Top 10 Content Traffic Killers” – You don’t create catchy headlines.. could use help with that one 😉

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