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  • 21 Types of Content We Crave
  • 10 Things to Tweet When You Don’t Have a Clue
  • The Ultimate List of Content Readability Tests
  • How to Become a Content Marketing Hero by Emulating Apple and Subway
  • When It’s Time to Move Your Blog Hosting to the Big Boys …
  • $30,000 in eBook Sales. In 2 Months.
  • The Lunch Pail Manifesto

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21 Types of Content We Crave
In the relentless race to deliver what we think the Internet (or its citizens) want, we tend to get cute with our strategies and tactics. What’s forgotten is that people want the same things today as they/we did yesterday. We are an ancient race, and the elemental stories we crave — the ones that truly move us — haven’t changed in thousands of years. Nice reminder of that here, from Mr. Aughtmon.


10 Things to Tweet When You Don’t Have a Clue
Struggling a little bit with your 140-character content plan? Skillful brevity is tough, but Mr. Gelberg delivers with a simple, no-nonsense list that’ll serve your company well on the blue bird’s site.


The Ultimate List of Content Readability Tests
I sometimes wonder how many metaphorical strokes and heart attacks the Internet has caused poor old English Lit professors. I love those tweedy folks (really), but their day — for better or worse — is done. The Internet has effectively killed off vast blocks of text, strict grammatical useage, and archaic literary structures. Oh, you can still write like a mid-nineteenth century novelist if you choose to, but you’ll pay the price in readership and in getting your ideas out into the world. So, just how readable are you online?


How to Become a Content Marketing Hero by Emulating Apple and Subway
A common thread between Apple and Subway? Either Mr. Clark has spent a few too many midnights down at the crossroads, or he’s gotten to the bottom of the enduring myth that drives all great storytelling (and content). I’ll leave it to you to click that link and to determine whether the (true) stories you’re telling about your product, service, or idea are the ones we need to hear …


When It’s Time to Move Your Blog Hosting to the Big Boys [NSFW]
Yeah, Ms. Napoletano likes her language. No, she was not paid a dime to write this article. Hers is a common story among publishers online (hell, it used be our story), and it’s why we brought Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting into the world. If your website drives your business, your website had better just work.


$30,000 in eBook Sales. In 2 Months.
I don’t like using headlines containing financials. They can be easily misunderstood, misused, and misread. I’ve allowed it this time, because I want you to read this story, and money numbers get attention. It is certainly about the money, but even more, this story is a case study of a philosophy we’ve been teaching around here for years. In Mr. Drysdale’s words, “The primary reason for the success of this eBook is that the idea came from my customers, not from me.”


The Lunch Pail Manifesto
Mr. Pressfield wrote a new book. If you’ve read The Art of War, you’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. He also started a new blog, and fired it off with a beautiful ode to the legendary pros of the blue collar workforce. We digital workers have a lot to learn from our analog ancestors.


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  1. Thanks for sharing links Robert!

    Its always been great learning stuff from your given weekly round ups. keep sharing great links :-)

  2. Wow, these all look very helpful because I’ve already read Entreproducer’s blog post, and i others are of that like then it must be good. I’ll check them out right now and also follow copyblogger on Twitter. :)

  3. Robert – I keep wondering if you’re ever going to start running out of headlines for these things.

    I imagine you having a list with that has normal ones mixed in with a whole bunch of inappropriate ones..

    “7 Content Marketing Links That Will Make You…”

  4. Brian — first, I was thrilled to meet the blogging rock star at BlogWorld this past week. I’ll be inserting the photo of us in a post I’m writing about the exhibitors I visited offering new services. Thank you for re-posting “Since when are blogs not social media?” I personally believe blogging is more important than ever for all the reasons you cite. I tell my clients and anyone who will listen that your blog is the centerpiece of your social media strategy. It’s your content factory where you build your content and then distribute it to social media networks as you would customers for your services. It’s your home base where you knock out home runs to the social media-sphere. I love your line “If you’re only social networking, you’re only someone’s user-generated content.” With a blog, you own the content and shape your brand as you want it. As you can see, I’m a blogging evangelist. Thanks for all the valuable content you share every day with your readers. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned from you.

  5. Robert – Thanks so much for linking to my infographic and post on CMI. Really appreciate it. Love your line, “We are an ancient race, and the elemental stories we crave — the ones that truly move us — haven’t changed in thousands of years.”

  6. Hello Robert,

    Thanks for the links of some awesome content from blogosphere. :)

  7. Hello Robert,
    I absolutely loved reading 21 Types of Content We Crave. Thank you for sharing these great links with us.