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  • 100+ Small Business Blogging Ideas
  • 21 Tools to Unlock Your Creativity
  • 22 Storytelling Rules from Pixar
  • If Only You Could Write Like Malcolm Gladwell
  • How an MIT Postdoc Writes 3 Books, a PhD Defense, and a Popular Blog (and Finishes His Days by 5:30pm)
  • The 7 Serial Killers of Creativity
  • The 7 Sins of Marketing

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100+ Small Business Blogging Ideas
Ms. Barone penned this list of content ideas almost two and a half years ago. It still stands both as a useful resource, and as proof of the value of publishing good teaching on a domain/site you own. There’s not many 30-month-old tweets getting passed around out there, after all.


21 Tools to Unlock Your Creativity
This digital life breeds a burnout of sorts, one that previous generations didn’t need to consider in the same way. Used to be, you dug a ditch, plowed the field, hunted the food, or fixed the roof all day, and you were tired. You went to bed. Even intellectual workers of another age didn’t face the onslaught of information that we do now. And of course, we use information to create. But are you using the right kind? Ms. Milligan offers a tour of visual, textual, musical, and comical inspirations to aid in the production of your daily creative work.


22 Storytelling Rules from Pixar
Pixar has told several of the most beloved stories of the last two decades. When they start handing out advice, it’d be a good idea to listen. Or read. Or … whatever.


If Only You Could Write Like Malcolm Gladwell
Using a ridiculously demanding help wanted ad, Ms. Jiwa perfectly illustrates the true value of the work you may already be doing as a writer online. This is a call to action for building a platform you own, and to getting on with the business of (metaphorically) killing your heroes.


How an MIT Postdoc Writes 3 Books, a PhD Defense, and a Popular Blog (and Finishes His Work Days by 5:30pm)
If this article weren’t so useful and inspiring in regards to productivity, it’d be far too depressing and hopeless to pass along to you. I’m going with the former here, and betting that Mr. Newport’s tactics (and example) can — and will — move you to action.


The 7 Serial Killers of Creativity
These guys aren’t screwing around. You’ll recognize them instantly. Maybe you’ve passed them in the park, or on the way to turning on the tv, or in the flickering moment before you hit play on that YouTube video. Wherever you are, they’re in the shadows, waiting, watching, plotting the perfect opportunity.


The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing
Much more than a tactical post, Mr. Godin dives deep, hacking at the root of much of our failure and fear, “Of course, they’re not marketing sins, they’re human failings.” We focus on polishing the outside of the cup, so often leaving the inside untended.

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  1. Great list of links to learn more about writing and marketing

  2. Awesome list, im going to have a read on my day off from work

  3. I thought you should know that I got a “malicious url” message from my antivirus software when I clicked the link in your email newsletter about the post-doctorate student writing 3 books, a PhD defense, and a popular blog. When I clicked the link, it took me to the website with the article. But then an ad popped up, and when I closed it, i got the malicious url warning. Here is the offending url: http: // g o.php?click (I put spaces in the url so no one can click it).

    • Thanks, Patrice — I just checked Ramit’s site with the Google diagnostic tool, and it comes up clean. I wonder if the architecture of the pop-up ad is triggering your antivirus software, sometimes they can be a little overzealous.

  4. Being a copywriter at an advertising agency I have to say that this is an amazing list. For both writers and advertisers alike.

  5. Wow, this edition of the Lede is amazing! I look at it every week, but this time you’ve packed my kind of power and inspiration in every link.

    Thank you for sharing these resources!!