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  • Is There a Way to Shortcut the 10,000 Hour Rule?
  • A Simple 4-Step Copywriting Checklist
  • The 5 Factors Behind the Most Retweeted Tweets
  • The Headline is Everything
  • Fashion Blogs are No Longer a Stepping Stone to Print
  • Jason Fried on When to Kill a Product
  • A Fast Remedy for “Blogger’s Block”

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Is There a Way to Shortcut the 10,000 Hour Rule?
Beware the soundbyte. Though Mr. Galdwell — in popularizing the rule — clearly stated that deliberate use of those 10,000 hours is key in the pursuit of mastery, make sure your brain is engaged before merely dashing off the hours, just to get there. Ms. Waak offers five useful ways to assist in the “shortcutting” of the process.


A Simple 4-Step Copywriting Checklist
No matter how much you’ve studied the masters, no matter how long you’ve been working, no matter how great your results have been, every copywriter must begin at the beginning on every project. Mr. Farnworth supplies us with a solid checklist for writing compelling copy, in order that we may use these brains for the heavy lifting of research and writing, and not the remembering of the basics that work.


Fashion Blogs are No Longer a Stepping Stone to Print
Not many could imagine even five years ago that the digital revolution would come to this point. Particularly in an industry such as fashion. What used to be the playground of ancient, behemoth publications, is now being influenced by talented and relentless independent media creators. Make no mistake, these “bloggers” are no dilettantes. And, if you expect real results from your online publishing efforts, you cannot afford to be either …


The Headline is Everything
We’ve been saying it for years. Though Upworthy employs several powerful traffic and attraction strategies, I’ll make the bet that their focus on writing useful, specific, and entertaining headlines is largely responsible for bringing many of their 2.5 million unique visitors to the site in three months. You underestimate the importance of your headline at your own peril.


The 5 Factors Behind the Most Retweeted Tweets
Speaking of headlines, just try not to click this one. Mr. Patel has gathered and made simple sense of a recent study by researchers who claim they can “predict 84% of the time what tweet will be the most popular”. And, in his usual style, he shows you how to put those five factors to work.


Jason Fried on When to Kill a Product
Why would a software company retire a product that earns $200,000 a year? Mr. Fried answers that question, and in the process, delivers a few valuable lessons on product line simplicity, focus, and decision-making, “Profits aren’t everything. Sometimes you have to prune your winners. That way, you can focus your attention on your bigger winners”.


A Fast Remedy for “Blogger’s Block”
Out of ideas? Out of luck? Out of time? No problem, just head over to this site with a weird name to fill the well again and see what people are talking about. Eugene Schwartz must be rolling in his grave at the amount of information we have at our fingertips.

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