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  • Rage Against the Machine’s First Gig
  • Why The Next Big Thing Won’t Come From a Big Company
  • The Top 5 Qualities of Productive Creatives
  • Why Everything Takes Longer than You Think
  • Will the Open Web Kill eBooks as Well?
  • 8 Habits Of Conversion-Focused Copywriters
  • The Simple Cure for Writer’s Block

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Rage Against the Machine’s First Gig
Whether you’re a Rage fan or not, take a look at this first public performance of what would become one of the greatest (and biggest) rock bands of the last half of the twentieth century. The bad sound, the humble introduction, the lack of applause or recognition from the tiny daylight crowd, etc. Unless you’re one who’s been cursed with the burden of inherited wealth or power, we all start at the bottom.


Will the Web Eventually End eBooks as Well?
I don’t see why it couldn’t. The vast majority of the population are much more comfortable with the web browser than an app (or dedicated reading device). The author, through the use of powerful and readily available tools can have ultimate control over how her work is displayed and sold. The silos of literary commerce are powerful (now), but they are just as susceptible to disruption as their brick and mortar predecessors whom they’ve laid low. I’m not sure this will happen, but it’s an interesting possibility, for both readers and writers.


Why The Next Big Thing Won’t Come From a Big Company
Creativity and innovation are born of constraint. Whether that constraint is applied by circumstance (you’re broke) or choice (you’re Steve Jobs) doesn’t matter, the product of it can be the same. Celebrate your “smallness.” Embrace your limits. Don’t fight them, rather, let the constraints of your particular situation box the mastery out of you, and eventually, into the fray …


The Top 5 Qualities of Productive Creatives
A helpful analysis of the characteristics of the creative individual. Want to hire one? Here’s how to tell what you’re getting, before you get them in the door.


Why Everything Takes Longer than You Think
If you’ve ever hired a contractor (of almost any kind), you might be familiar with the sordid timeline issues that have left you with a twice-as-expensive, and four month late widget. We have ideas about what we can accomplish, and in what kind of reasonable timeframe, but we are mostly wrong about both. Mr. Burkeman offers an analysis of why that is.


8 Habits Of Conversion-Focused Copywriters
Looking back to the greats with fresh eyes, Mr. Anderson lays out his very helpful habits, with examples. Part of a copywriter’s job is to enter a conversation that’s already taking place and, as Eugene Schwartz put it, “channel existing desire.” If you can do this well, you can write copy that converts prospects into customers.


The Simple Cure for Writer’s Block
Most of us do a particular thing every day, all day, without constant conscious awareness of it. We walk around doing it. We sit, and we do it. We do it while we’re eating. Some even do it while sleeping. It’s easy for us. Mr. Godin reveals this daily act of ours, and uses it as a foil to explain why writer’s block is easy to cure.

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