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  • The King of Persuasive Fonts
  • Struggling to Create Great Content? Here’s Why …
  • 10 Reasons Why Your Content Doesn’t Attract Links
  • 7 Reasons Why Content Marketing Needs Storytelling
  • How to Generate Good Ideas
  • A Quick Look at the Last 10 Years of the Internet
  • The Ultimate Productivity Tool

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The King of Persuasive Fonts
Can a typeface do your selling for you? If only. The hard work of attracting an audience and giving them what they want — in return for a living — remains. However, we know the importance of good design (of which typography is a part), and it seems that there are a few fonts that can set the emotional tone of your platform. And there’s one, in particular, that rules them all.


Struggling to Create Great Content? Here’s Why …
If you’re grinding it out, you’re doing it wrong. Yeah, we’ve all got deadlines, and massive lists of things that need written and edited, but that’s not what Mr. Barr is addressing. The idea. Where to get it, and what to do with it. Well, I’ll let him explain …


10 Reasons Why Your Content Doesn’t Attract Links
Mr. Hall provides a pithy summary of why you aren’t getting any. Links, that is. This isn’t neurosurgery, but in the context of building an audience for your business online, it’s life or death. Go get some.


7 Reasons Why Content Marketing Needs Storytelling
We’ve gotten a lot of powerful new toys to play with over the last ten years. But the most powerful use of them still lies in an ancient form that has moved and persuaded humans from the beginning of time. Mr. Thomas shows us why.


How to Generate Good Ideas
A theory of how the human brain generates ideas, and five ways to make that happen more often. Just about everything any content producer could want …


A Quick Look at the Last 10 Years of the Internet
I don’t expect anyone reading this to have them, but if you’ve got any lingering doubts as to where the distribution of ideas and commerce are headed, you only need to look a few years into the past. If you’re already profitably working online, the stunning statistics in this infographic should only solidify your decision to do so, as well as your continued daily actions.


The Ultimate Productivity Tool
A great question, logically expanded into a great meter of what’s important to you, and those you’re responsible for. You may accuse Mr. Dao of narcissism, or naiveté, or the like, but I believe this simple productivity tool to be ultimately sound. Excuse me, as I leave you now in order to put it to the test …

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