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  • The Ultimate List of Google Authorship Resources
  • 5 Tips for Better Storytelling
  • Is Facebook Broken? On Purpose?
  • Social Media Marketing Explained in 61 Words
  • Do One Thing. Do it Better than Anyone Else.

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The Ultimate List of Google Authorship Resources
Do you know what Google Authorship means? It means the writer truly runs this show now. Owning your own digital property will always be crucial, but with this move, Google has placed supremacy on the author’s name — wherever it may go.


5 Tips for Better Storytelling
Plucked from the raging popularity of the live storytelling movement, this succinct advice on storytelling from Ms. Alboher is worth your time. You are telling the true stories that your audience needs and wants to hear, right?


Is Facebook Broken? On Purpose?
I gave up on it long ago, so I should probably not be the writer writing opinion on Facebook … so I won’t. But do me a favor, click that link above, read the article, and consider what it means regarding where you’re placing your marketing time, energy and/or money.


Social Media Marketing Explained in 61 Words
Done well, brevity can bring instant enlightenment. Mr. Meerman Scott’s explanation of digital media is clear and concise, and I hope it delivers for you. Once it has, be sure to continue on the path.


Do One Thing. Do it Better than Anyone Else.
Though I admire and appreciate the renaissance types, their polymathematical lives ultimately leave me cold. Give me The One Thing, show me the person who has devoted her life to the insane pursuit of a single discipline, the single vision that consumes her years, I’ll take that for a model over the former any day. Anyway, maybe you feel differently, but even if you do, I’ll bet you can get something good from this article …

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