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  • What Is Content Marketing, and Why Does Your Business Need It?
  • The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time
  • 3 Storytelling Tips from the Creator of “Breaking Bad”
  • You Don’t Have to Wait for Permission
  • How to Write a Joke
  • How to Use an Apostrophe

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What Is Content Marketing, and Why Does Your Business Need It?
Yeah, I know, you’re “sick of hearing it.” The complaints that the term “Content Marketing” has become an overused, calcified buzzword in the last year are everywhere. What you shouldn’t miss, however, is that whatever you name it, marketing that’s driven with the sharp knife of useful, interesting, and valuable content has been going on for 100+ years — John Deere, Proctor & Gamble, J. Peterman. And now? In the digital age we’re living in? Just go ahead and call it whatever you want, but don’t let unthinking rants keep you from getting serious about content marketing.


The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time
I used to think multitasking was cool. I’d take a look at the hyper-achievers swirling around the Internet on any given day and often wish that I could do it too. Do it all. Everything at once. Now, I mostly think they’re idiots. Look, I get it, we all want to keep up professional appearances and keep that ball rolling steadily uphill until the day that we roll back down it ourselves, but doing seven things at once is a fool’s game. Do one thing. Do it well. Then do the next thing. Then call me in the morning.


3 Storytelling Tips from the Creator of “Breaking Bad”
When the creator of the fourth (or fifth) best story in modern culture (Deadwood is second) speaks up about storytelling, it’s a good bet that it’ll be worth your time. And I mean you, the online writer and content creator. And I mean that finding and telling true, compelling stories about your product, service, or idea is definitely one of the most profitable ways to spend your professional time.


You Don’t Have to Wait for Permission
Mr. Glass came up in the old world, spending years honing his craft in obscurity before slowly, gently slicing into the consciousness of the public at large. There are ways in which the old world was better for creators: you truly paid your dues, you sucked in front of a much smaller audience, you didn’t have to worry about “engaging” anyone on social networks or via email. But there’s at least one massive benefit of living and creating in this new world of the open web … you don’t need a single damn person’s permission to start your thing. What, by the way, are you waiting for?


How to Write a Joke
Though the quick study of the anatomy of a joke that Mr. Seinfeld takes us through in this video is well worth the few minutes, it’s something else here that staggers me. 14 years after the greatest television show ever made went off the air, this obscenely wealthy, world-famous, entertainment industry dominating man is still humbly practicing his craft. He’s still struggling through the process of writing jokes on yellow legal pads, still getting it up on stages large and small across the world, and still working out the new (and often bad) material in the only arena that really matters … before an audience.


How to Use an Apostrophe
I’m no grammar genius (that’s what good editors are for), so I truly appreciate anyone that sweats — on my behalf — to make all those usage rules and regulations just a bit more clear. Bonus points if that someone does it in a way that sometimes makes me spit bourbon in laughter. Thanks for the style, Oatmeal.

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