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  • Death Of The (Predatory) Salesman
  • 8 Writing Triggers You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • HTML 101 for Bloggers
  • Why Email Marketing is King
  • Why “Write Every Day” is Bad Advice

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Death Of The (Predatory) Salesman
Mr. Pink makes the case that the days of the in-your-face salesman are over. This has actually been true for some time, but the rise of content marketing has not only given entrepreneurs and marketers a choice in how they’ll spend their professional days spreading the word about their products, services, and ideas … it’s largely made the old door-knocking, cold-calling, interruption-based nightmare completely irrelevant. Good riddance. Get to work and let the Glengarry leads come to you from now on.


8 Writing Triggers You Should Never Ignore
If you’ve ever struggled to get those sentences down on paper, Ms. Holland points us to the recognition and use of writing triggers, “… it’s not just a matter of knowing when to write — it’s knowing what will set off a burst of writing.” This shift in thinking about the craft — her eight common triggers that can start the writing process — may be just what you didn’t know you needed.


HTML 101 for Bloggers
All writers are coders now. You may never build a WordPress theme, or master the simple elegance of HTML5, but our business is largely online, and that means we’re touching code daily. If you’re having trouble understanding the difference between the em, h3, and href tags, read this article, it’ll help get you started on your accidental career as a writer (of code).


Why Email Marketing is King
Mr. Hughes makes a plain and powerful case for the use of good email marketing. Citing measurability, affordability, portability, and just plain old useful-to-the-recipient effectiveness, he says, “Once you factor in your off-email multiplier, it’s a very safe bet that email will beat all your other marketing methods in terms of return on investment.” Yep. And don’t forget — even in the era of Twitter, Google+, and Facebook — email is still where we spend a significant amount of our time online.


Why “Write Every Day” is Bad Advice
“If you’re not a full time writer …” Mr. Newport includes this important caveat in the lede of his article. Though his advice will not apply to a large number of Copyblogger readers — many of whom are professional writers — this is well worth a read. Unless you’re Elmore Leonard, you probably can’t make eight or nine hours a day at the desk. But what if you could pull off three?

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