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  • Web Design is Still About the Words
  • How this Man Sells $30,000,000 in Wine Every Year via Email
  • Ripe Prose in the Dairy Case
  • The Raw Power of an Ultra-Specific Headline
  • Seth Godin on Slow Media

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Web Design is Still About the Words
What would the web look like without words? In a simple, powerful little excercise, Mr. Reyes answers that question for us here, and reminds us yet again that the writer truly runs this show. Hug your damn copywriter, indeed.


How this Man Sells $30,000,000 in Wine Every Year via Email
Though Mr. Rimmerman is a legend in the wine business, it’s easy to forget that he spent well over a decade building his 136,000 person email list. And now? Writing incredibly entertaining and useful emails to that list every day is his business. h/t @bensettle.


Ripe Prose in the Dairy Case
While we’re on the topic of wine, let’s stay in the market with a beautiful story about the power of words applied to selling fine cheese. Cheese presents a very interesting problem, in that there’s just so much of it. Artisanal cheeses bear stranges names, from unfamiliar places, and there seems to be an unending supply of it. Mr. Jenkins, who manages the cheese at Gastronomie 491 in Manhattan says, “Sales are provoked by an intelligent sign. The sign tells them what to do. Their desires are defined by that sign.” Well, I would exchange the word “defined” in his quote with “channeled,” but yes.


The Raw Power of an Ultra-Specific Headline
We’ve been beating the drum of the critical importance of headline writing for years. Some listen, others listen and abuse the principles, others laugh and carry on with their business, fine. Just wanted to drop this story in front of you as a gentle reminder, dear reader. As you were.


Seth Godin on Slow Media
Are you maniacally driving, pushing, and pulling your content around like it’s still 1997? You don’t have to, you know. Mr. Godin reminds us again that the web has created inifinite shelf space, unprecedented opportunity, and lots and lots of time for us to seed our ideas in the world. The questions now are: how truly great are your ideas, and just how patient are you? Look to the farmer.


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