Links You Can’t Live Without

Here are a few notable things from the past week’s blogging activities:

What else cool happened this week? Drop a link in the comments, and you’ll win… a link in the comments. 😉

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  1. While you are on the topic of celebrity blogs, I recently did a write up of how celebrity blogs monetize their traffic. Although some of the advertising programs are normal and obvious, there are a few that have not really been seen elsewhere.

  2. The coolest thing that happened last week was the launch of The brainchild of more minimal (and earlier paper frog) Chris Baskind, this is a publication that takes a fresh look at what sustainable living means — and it may not be what *you* think.

    I featured in a an interview on Monday.

  3. what’s up man, thanks for the love.. and especially for correcting me on the PT Barnum thing! :)

  4. Derek, I emailed that link to Chris.

    Valeria, thanks… I promoted Baskind’s newest to the main stage.

    Julien, my pleasure. 😉

  5. Thanks for the link, Brian! I think one of the most interesting posts in the last week or so came from Yaro.

    I think it’s becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon for people to jump from one moneymaking strategy to another and never actually get anywhere. I suppose it’s always been like that, but the Web has made it easier. It evolves so quickly that it’s easy to get sucked into the moneymaking flavor of the month.

  6. Thank you for doing that, Brian. I believe Chris is onto something really good and I appreciate your willingness to help in getting the word out.

  7. Thanks Derek !

    That link was helpful to some of my staff who have several celeb sites.

  8. On the subject of sustainable living you could check out the new site with 40 hours of completely free video at

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  9. Hey Brian,

    I’m sure he’ll find the link mildly interesting.
    I’ve been running a celebrity blog for almost a year now and it has been paying the bills so I have a littl experience with it.

    Also, because your blog and Chris’s blog has been such a great help to me in the past, if you want, you can tell him to drop me an email if he wants to chat about the celebrity genre.

  10. Oh, also… sorry for the double comment, but I was glad to be a help Mike.

  11. Very interesting bunch of links there. Yours is one of the blogs I regularly visit to get ideas and inspiration.

    Would you be keen to exchange links? I blog mainly about marketing communications, PR, social media, WOM, blogging, service quality, and a little about my family. My URL is:

    Have added a link to your web and hope you can return the favour. Hear from you soon!

  12. Thanks for the d-blogged link… wish I had seen it three weeks ago before spending resources on coming up with the same conslusions for a site revamp. 😉

  13. “How to Conquer Writer’s Block – The Ultimate Guide” is indispensable. Thanks a lot for the link, I would’ve missed it otherwise!

  14. Midnight.Haulkerton released their first publicly available track entirely through the blogosphere!

  15. A few nice finds in there. Thanks for posting them. :) Writers’ Block resources tend to get a bit old, but looks like some good stuff. :)

  16. I know this isn’t a place to self-promote, so feel free to delete or slap my wrists. But since you asked…

    I built a very ugly directory for copywriters (a couple of weeks ago) and have been working like crazy on feeds and backlinks (this week). So the PR should bump up soon.

    Good way for copywriters with few or no links to them to get a free direct inbound link from a related site:

  17. Thanks for the great list of links. Chris Garretts report happened to come at just the right time and is well worth the read. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for the links. I have some material to reshape the content of my website in a better way.


  19. Very helpful material. Thanks a lot!