Lateral Action: Lou Needs a Clue

Lateral Action Lou

As mentioned yesterday, Mark McGuinness, Tony Clark and I are launching a new blog today called Lateral Action. It’s all about the intersection of creativity and productivity, and we’ve decided to introduce the blog using animated characters in three short videos.

Here’s an intro to the first video:

Lou has an MBA, and Lou gets things done.

But Lou’s five-year vision is not going to work out like he thinks.

In fact, the only thing that’s truly done may be his career.


Check out this first animated video from Lateral Action. You’ll meet Lou, and find out why he needs to get a clue as soon as possible.

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  1. Very good so far. I really like the design too! I’ve subsribed for sure.

  2. Very novel. I’ll be sure to check back in for the other two videos.

  3. A tip: try to include some kind of subtitles/text on the movie, so you don’t exclude certain types of people of watching and understanding it.

  4. I am actually really excited about this. Yay!

  5. Looking forward to this! Most of us who spent time in the corporate womb are not nearly willing enough to let our creativity loose.

    One thing, though – somehow the cartooning style for Lou reminds me of that little dog MS used in one version of its Help function!

  6. Very well done boys. I’m a big fan of McGuinness. Oh, and Brian too… of course.

  7. Lou seems like a swell guy.

  8. To agree with TG…those who may have their speakers turned off in their office!

  9. I am thrilled about this idea! Creativity is key!

    I went to art school, where people seemed to be lacking basic organizational and management skills.

    Then I went to business school where people seemed to lack the creative edge.

    This is the best of both worlds! Kudos!

  10. I subscribed, but I didn’t do it very creatively 😉

    Can you help me with that ?

  11. Swap the “we”s for “you”s. What’s in it for me?

  12. Crap… Thanks Guys. My Name is Lou, My 40th Birthday is next week. I’ve been thinking fo quitting my job as a Data Analyst and getting my MFA.

    Where’s the Camera?