7 Tips for Falling in Love with Your Blog All Over Again

image of a couple holding hands

You’re trying hard not to show it,
But baby, baby I know it …
You’ve lost that loving feeling …

~The Righteous Brothers

Ever get to a point with your blog and your internet marketing strategy where you’re just … worn out?

The writing that used to thrill you now feels like a chore. Your readers are getting on your nerves. The tedious little tasks are getting to you.

You don’t want to quit … but you do want to get some of that old magic back, the way it was in the early days.

Blogs and businesses in general are a lot like marriages. Sometimes you’ve got to put in a little extra work to keep that spark alive.

If you could use a few ideas to re-romance your business blogging, you’re in the right spot. And if you’re still passionately in love, don’t worry … the same techniques that rekindle the spark can be used to keep that flame as bright as it is today.

#1: Learn something new

The human brain was not meant to absorb all the information it needed at age 24.6 and then stop learning.

As soon as you quit learning and growing, you start to die. That was what made your business so much fun in the first place — that crazy learning curve. It may have been overwhelming or intimidating at times, but it was also exhilarating.

It’s critical to your business (and your self-respect) that you keep learning. As soon as you start to rest on what you already know, you’ll start to get bored. And some clever, energetic competitor will show up to snap at your heels.

Add a new skill to your mix, or get even more amazing at some of the skills you already possess. Dive into a topic that scares you, like becoming a better salesperson or exploring the wild frontiers of your topic.

Remember Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s definition of optimal flow — you have to be at the point where it’s not too hard and it’s not too easy. Learning something new will give you a nice refreshing dip back in the deep end.

#2: Do a Q&A call

If your problem is self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or believing that you don’t truly deliver something of value, announce a free Q&A call for your audience.

Use one of the free teleconference services out there and put the word out: You want your readers’ questions, and you’ll be available live to answer them. Get all of your blogging and social media friends to help you spread the word.

You can also do this as a blog post or a competition for some free one-on-one consultations — it’s a great way to rack up lots of traffic and attention in a hurry.

You’ll find that you know a lot more than you think you do. You might not be able to answer every single question, but that’s ok — just let your questioner know you’ll look into it. (More learning, yay!)

But you’ll be amazed at how many questions you can answer. This is the fastest confidence-builder I know. It’s also amazingly energizing to see firsthand how much you can help the people who are reading you. And that’s the kind of happiness-booster that lasts longer than a cute new pair of shoes or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

#3: Connect

Quick, name your 10 favorite blogs.

Today, visit each one of them, read their most recent posts, and drop some comment love. Remember how they used to inspire you to create better content yourself? Let them inspire you all over again.

Start making plans now to go to the next live event in your topic. If it’s in two weeks and you’re broke, plan for the one that’s three months out.

Go make some connections — and not just with your heroes. Connect with that wonderful reader who always leaves awesome comments. Connect with the blogger who’s got about as many readers as you do. Connect with the person on Twitter who always makes you laugh.

If you’re an introvert (like I am), remember to schedule some solitude to refill the well. Get a coffee on the other side of town, skip a conference session to take a nap, or go to the public library if you have to, but get some alone time to balance the socializing.

#4: Write your manifesto

One of the things that makes Zappo’s such a cool company is that early on, Tony Hsieh and his team sat down and figured out what they stood for: their core values.

They grabbed a piece of paper and figured out who they wanted to be — and who they didn’t want to be.

Come up with 10 core, essential values your business stands for. If they don’t make you tingle, you’re not being honest. Don’t put boring platitudes like “excellent service.” Find the values that put a lump in your throat.

Now, think about how you’re going to live that statement of values this week. What are you doing to show the world what you stand for?

#5: Deploy your signature strengths

The research on happiness is pretty clear. There’s only so much pleasure you’re ever going to get out of instant gratification. (Bad news for the cute shoes and the Ben & Jerry’s.)

Happiness researchers like Martin Seligman are all for you enjoying life’s pleasures — but you’ve probably already noticed those pleasures tend to lose their savor disappointingly quickly.

Seligman argues that you’ll get a much more lasting hit from focusing on what he calls gratifications, which boil down to the exercise of your signature strengths.

Are you particularly kind? Do you have the courage of your convictions? Can you find the humor in virtually any situation?

To discover your most important strengths, take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths (you’ll find it on the University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness site). The test will point to the character attributes that you’ve been particularly blessed with.

This week, decide how you’re going to use one of your strengths in your business. Maybe you’ll use Social Intelligence to strengthen your landing pages. Or Persistence to take those last few steps to make your launch great.

Exercising your signature strengths gives a sense of satisfaction and well-being that will endure. And if you keep up the practice of looking for fresh ways to apply your strengths to your business, your love won’t ever grow stale.

(Your test results just might make that Zappo’s style statement of values more exciting, too.)

#6: Find a coach

People who start businesses are kind of nuts. We think we can do everything alone. We tend to be contrarians by nature, and we’re addicted to drawing our own map.

And all of that is awesome. You need to be self-reliant. But it’s not cheating for you to get some help, too.

When I was starting out on my own, my legs were wobbly. I had a lot of passion and a ton of drive, but there were definitely days I was going the complete wrong direction.

Working with a business coach gave me some perspective, and helped me to remember to do what I knew I needed to do. It also helped me enjoy the process a whole lot more.

Just like a personal trainer at the gym, a coach won’t do the work for you. But they can help you realize that you’re strong enough to do the work yourself.

I happen to think my coach is great, but the important thing is that you find someone who resonates with you, shares your values, and has a style that will challenge you to do more than you can do alone.

#7: Schedule time away from online marketing

Some days this is the hardest one to pull off.

I don’t care how much you love blogging or writing. I don’t care how much energy it gives you. If you want to give it all the juice and passion you have to offer, you’ve got to step away.

When you create a business and start to live your dream, it’s easy to think you should do that all day, every day. But that’s a quick path to burnout. You’ll be more creative, more energetic, and more excited about your business when you build in time away to do some the other stuff you love.

The first thing we all need is to get moving. You don’t have to run a marathon if that isn’t your thing, but get out for a walk or a bike ride every day. It improves your mental clarity, your mood, and cuts your risk of pretty much every kind of disease. You’ll be a lot more productive, too, which is a nice bonus.

But you don’t get to stop there. I also want you, at least once a week, to schedule some time to just play. I don’t care if you go to the art store and get finger paints, just do something you find fun. Don’t make it too practical. If it has redeeming social value, it doesn’t count. Give that inner five-year-old some play time, and watch what that does for the rest of your life.

How about you? What do you do when you need to rekindle that spark? Let us know about it in the comments.

Note: This is a Copyblogger classic post, republished for you in honor of Valentine’s Day. Go give your blog some love!

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Reader Comments (109)

  1. says

    The two main things that inspire or rekindle my writing flame:

    1) Reading a really great book
    2) Having a interesting conversation with a mentor or new acquaintance

    I’m a nature sponge with a child-like curiosity for learning. Anytime I get a new, fresh perspective view on something it always makes me go back to my drawing board and do better and improve on my last offering and delivery.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • says

      So true, those two things you listed (books and conversation) are probably the two most mentally stimulating things for me as well, and there is nothing like shaking your mind up a bit to get a fresh perspective on old material, or a brand new look at material you’ve never encountered before.

      All in all this was a great post and a great topic to bring up, I especially liked: “As soon as you quit learning and growing, you start to die.” True words, and when writing for something for an extended period, if you don’t get a “reboot” every once in a while, your writing can start to die too.

    • says


      I never realized the connection between reading and blogging. I stopped reading for a while because I needed reading glasses.

      Not that I have reading glasses and the Kindle app on my phone I got my blogging MoJo back. It helps to have a good topic. I just stated a series on prototyping. I’m having fun again!

  2. says

    Hey Sonia, your writings really inspire me. And that’s why I’m following your point #3 :-)

    I really liked the idea about scheduling time away from online marketing. That’s a great way to unwind and come back with fresher thoughts.

    Thanks for the post!

    With respect,

  3. says

    I can say that #7 is one of the hardest, but most important things to do. Since my work is online, I can theoretically work from anywhere I want to at any time of the day. Even though working by the pool on a beautiful Friday afternoon sounds like a great alternative to working in the office, sometimes you just have to be by the pool…and leave the working behind.

    • says

      Absolutely — the thing that makes it so great (you can take it anywhere) can become tyrannical if you let it (you end up taking it everywhere).

    • says

      I so agree with this one. Sometimes you just need a break, period! Sometimes we tend to forget the sun is shining and the pool is for swimming not for working!

  4. says

    Hello everyone, my name is Dennis and I suffer from…Imposter Syndrome. There I said it. Seems like every time I make a breakthrough against this terrible disease I quickly relapse and start doubting my own value to the people that read my blog.

    #1 was key for me, every time I set out and succeed at learning something new in my field (Technology Support) it makes me that much more confident.

    Great post, I’ll come back to read this one often.

    Dennis Edmondson Jr

    • says

      It always fascinates me that the people who have the most to offer often also have the most self-doubt.

      Anyway, just know you aren’t alone, and schedule some of those Q&A calls. :)

      • says

        Along the same lines… I was listening to HBR this afternoon and a neuro-scientist made the point that fear, guilt and self-doubt were all very high in Iconoclasts. It’s under the IdeaCast section on their site.

  5. says

    Great points! I find getting away from something I’m stuck on to do something else usually does the trick. If I’m stuck on writing I’ll read-read-read as much as I can, especially something on a totally different topic. For every five technical or business books I read I have to read one fiction novel to stay sane!

    I’d also suggest that when you get stuck writing, you should use it as a chance to focus on other blog-related tasks, like tweaking your design, checking out and installing plugins, or other housekeeping stuff.

  6. says

    Great headline, for starters! One does need to fall in love again with one’s blog now and then, to keep the spark alive. I find that what gets me stuck and feeling bored in my relationship with my blog is when I go back to the same blogs and tweets repeatedly for inspiration. After a while, the ‘regulars’ in my niche just start to bore me. So, I veer off my typical reading routine and go out fishing for new topics to read about — just follow my natural curiosity and read on other topics that interest me. It gets me thinking in new directions, and stimulates unrelated ideas that I can key off of.

  7. says

    This is a great post Sonia. I think what happens to me is that I get so caught up in the “how” that I lose sight of my “why” I was doing this in the first place. While it is important to know how to create a good blog and how to market it, it is easy to get so entertwined in the tidal wave of everchanging info out there. Sometimes we just need to step back and say that we are doing a “good enough” job with the technical side and get back to the reason we began blogging in the first place!
    Thank you for reminding me of this myself!
    Are you stuck in a rut?

  8. says

    Sonia I have to know – is the title a tip of the hat to the classic film ” The Best Years of Our Lives “? There’s a great scene and line that you have echoed here. Myrna Loy says to Frederic March “How many times have I told you I hated you and we had to fall in love all over again?” I just had to read your post because I adore that movie and love that part.

  9. says

    Great tips–thanks! This lit up my inbox just now and I just had to read. It’s not that I’ve fallen out of love, it’s that I’ve hit a new hurdle and that’s juggling time due to other work going on, which sort of creates a distance–my blog and I are in a long distance trans-Atlantic relationship! lol Not impossible just have to do it. Couple of these especially, like go read 10 blogs and the manifesto–I needed a push–thanks.

    Really not supposed to be reading blogs right now. Back to work 😀

  10. says

    And if I may add….

    #8: Remember why you started blogging in the first place.

    Think back to the goals you had in mind when you were a novice blogger. Were some of those goals elusive or unrealistic? Did you learn new things that enticed to you reorganize your action plan? Are you so intensely all over the place that you lost sight of the big picture? You need a bit of soul-searching so you can put your priorities in order and decide exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

  11. says

    To recharge, I take a day or two to disconnect completely. No email, no phone, nothing. I’ll either spend the day at the beach, walk around and enjoy the sunset. Or, I’ll go for a nice long trail run.

    When I get back, I don’t turn the computer on or my phone for that matter. I either pick up a book (non-marketing) or my moleskine and I start to scribble.

    A few days of off-line time and I’m ready to get cranking again!!

  12. says

    Hi Sonia,

    Great ideas geared toward a vitally important aspect of online content creation!

    I particularly resonate with #2 about the Q&A. I like to mix it up by interviewing another blogger and posting it as an audio file or editing some back-and-forth dialogue gathered from e-mails. It is definitely key to MIX IT UP!!

    Thank you,


  13. says

    I’m currently taking a journalism class that requires two blog posts a week. Currently in week 8, this article provided great insight as to how to stay interested with my blog and continue finding new ways to improve the content I post on the website. Thanks !!

  14. says

    Time off is important, especially for people who write for a living. The danger of doing something like this profitably is losing track of the time spent doing it. Unlike a traditional job with set hours, you could easily work 12 hours straight without thinking about it.

    A regular schedule and the manifesto tip will not only get you more motivated, but I’d imagine it would also set you apart from the competition because you’re more likely to have a unique product.

  15. says

    Great tips Sonia! #7 really resonates with me. When I started my first blog 2 years ago, I received similar advice. A friend told me that to be interesting online….I had to get offline. I’ve followed that philosophy ever since. Not only does it help with content creation, but also with staying excited about what I do. Now I’m definitely going to try some of your other suggestions too!

  16. says

    Such a great post and incredibly timely for me. Life has been getting in the way and I haven’t blogged in three years. In the midst of a design update now and am about ready to begin all over again. Yes, it’s all about love.
    This is great material not just for blogging but for life.

    One of my favorite writers, Ray Bradbury, said something like: I feed my mind all day long with everything–comic strips, movies, books, everything, then in the morning I erupt with all this stuff coming up. He said it much better, of course.

    Thanks Sonia. I’m printing your post and keeping it in front of me.

  17. says

    Sonia.. it’s like you’re in my head.

    Lately, I’ve been feeling like this blogging things has become a chore.. and you’re right, I DON’T wanna quit, but It’s getting harder to continue. I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought I could in a year and these tips will definitely help get me to year two..

    By the way – I’m exactly 24 years and 6 months old… talk about knowing your audience =)

  18. says

    This post might be just what I need to rekindle that love again.

    From a business perspective, #4 hit me real hard. Need to get this up to jive with my mission.

    #6 & #7, definitely a must.

  19. says

    Great Post, again, Sonia.
    As a Certified Life Coach, I totally agree that having a coach to keep you moving in the right direction and being successful can be extremely helpful.
    Taking the breaks away from the computer are also critical. In the book The Seven Habits… he talks about resting one day per week. I try to take Sundays off whenever I can. It’s best to take the break away from home. If I am home I tend to check my emails, which means I tend to start doing work again. Staying away from the computer and the emails and the work is so refreshing. When Monday comes around you actually cannot wait to get back to that online project, post or video you were working on. That could be one of your most important tips there.
    Thanks again.
    Jupiter Jim

  20. says

    Amazing Sonia. Life is so much about timing.

    My blog and online biz have been bugging me for a couple of weeks or so. Really in a rut.

    Your article hit my inbox at just the right time.

    I’m off to put together a Q & A webinar and get in front of my people.

    Thanks Sonia.


  21. says

    Hi Sonia,
    I find going for a solo hike in the mountains is an excellent way to recharge ideas.

    It must be the fresh air.

    I always bring along a pen and paper to make notes because once I let my mind go freely in the hills many ideas come to mind and my only mistake in the past was not having any pen and paper.

    Recommended hiking time: at least three to four hours but that is just me.

    All the best to everyone,

  22. says

    One of the things I have put a little energy into lately (and it’s eased up the pressure, and made it more fun) ask for guest bloggers. I’ve posted it on my own FB page and I’ve posted it on a few other pages … it’s opened a new world, new friends, new perspectives, fresh faces, fresh ideas. And it’s given ME new ideas for my own posts as well. And it may not be a “manifesto” but I created my blog guidelines – something I send to guest bloggers when they want to work with me (so I can control the content). And I think I’m finally ready to go from once a week to twice a week, I have so much stuff waiting to be posted! Thanks for this post.

  23. says

    Thanks for sharing a few really great tips. Whenever I am feeling a little far from my blog I look to other bloggers to become inspired again.

    Amanda Maksymiw

  24. says

    I have a love/hate relationship with #1 Sonia.

    The ever omnipresent fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being wrong can all arise at the mere suggestion of doing something unfamiliar.

    Yet being fulfilled in life by meeting what Tony Robbins coined “The Six Human Needs” of Certainty, Variety, Love, Significance, Growth and Contribution ALL rely on moving off the couch of comfort out onto the ledge of “OMG I’m gonna die if I attempt to do this.”

    And it’s only through associating with people like you do we get the reminders we need to put fear in it’s place. Thanks for the prod!

  25. says

    Hi Sonia,

    The perfect post for me right now. At the end of the launch I am actually going to relaunch a blog I had started last year. The spark fizzled and as a beginner blogger who has been blogging for 2 months, I know get an idea of what blogging is all about. So I am going to implement what I have learned to spruce up the blog.

    Taking this into account, #1 holds true to me. Learn something new. I also agree with #6 Find A Coach because I am a certified coach :) and #7 is something I have just learnt. I can spend hours online and have to force myself to step away. It’s like coming up for air and when I am away, I actually feel refreshed. Now on weekends, I try to detach completely like going away to Tuscany for the weekends!!

    Thanks for this post and the reminders.


  26. says

    Great post Sonia. Every one of my blog posts had been in the form of “Remember when” something used to be a certain way and now wasn’t. The format has worked well, but today I mixed it up and wrote a post about my earlier attempts at blogs that failed and I how found my current one. The change was refreshing and I feel like my blog has new life. Your post confirms my impression.

  27. Michael says

    You guys must get worn out writing this stuff for sure because I get worn out trying to keep up with reading it all. Not that it isn’t good and valuable. I don’t want to sound unappreciative but I am currently subscribed to about 5 Internet Marketers and their strategy seems to be bombard the prospect with daily emails and offers from themselves and their affiliates. I don’t think that is an effective long term startegy if you want long-term customers and to build long-term relationships with them rather than just getting a quick in-and-out sale, wham bam thankyou mam. People are likely to unsubscribe if they receive too much communication even if it is good. My strategy would be to release one killer piece of content every fortnight at the most. This serves both the reader and the writer better and also hopefully makes for a better long-term relationship together. Less is more. People want simplicity – back to basics is the new paradigm. Their diminishing time is increasingly valuable and they are becoming evermore discriminating and selective about what they spend it on.

    • says

      People are likely to unsubscribe if they receive too much communication even if it is good.

      Except in our case, they don’t. Or else we would publish less, because we do what works. Because we’re professionals.

      My strategy would be to release one killer piece of content every fortnight at the most.

      Why not test it instead of speculate about it? I have.

      This serves both the reader and the writer better and also hopefully makes for a better long-term relationship together. Less is more. People want simplicity – back to basics is the new paradigm.

      Thanks for your opinion, but that’s all it is since you have no website and haven’t done anything you’re pontificating about.

      We do. You talk, my anonymously bold friend.

      Come back when that’s changed.

  28. says

    Honestly for me, connecting with people is hard for me…I do not do a good enough job of reaching out to people are not big. I’m a snob. I admit it. Please forgive me.

  29. says

    These are fantastic!

    I am about to go full time in my online business (scary but very exciting) and although I haven’t burned out, the last two points are going to be lifesavers for me.

    Remembering to exercise daily, hold “normal” hours (aka don’t work 24-7) and give myself an entire day to do something completely unrelated to blogging…well that’s some of the best advice a new business owner can be given…it’s also one of the hardest pieces of advice to follow.

    Thanks for these, Sonia. I really appreciate your points. Although I still love my blog, I think the fire will keep burning a long time with this advice

  30. says

    Once again awesome post! I keep telling my boyfriend how I am addicted to reading them. I am a self help book junkie and have recently found them boring, secretly I think ive read too many.

    My new found interest is blogging and your right, I always get super great ideas for my next or future posts just by observing things around me and reading new material and yes even other peoples blogs.

    Thanks again!

    Gabrielle Maston http://gabriellemaston.blogspot.com/

  31. says

    #5 was exactly what I needed. Once I reworked our marketing strategy to better reflect my strengths we took off. Realize that nothing is set in stone. Whatever works is what you need to do, so find what works and jump on it!

  32. says

    Oh yes, had a lover’s quarrel today, but I came back. A coach would be a good idea. Is that kind of like marriage counseling for bloggers and their blogs?

  33. says

    So true, and each and every point was worth hearing.

    Seems like the older we get and take on more responsibility, “play time” gets devalued-no longer is it a necessity. The guilt of I-should-be-working sets in on autopilot. It sometimes takes a real conscious effort to remind ourselves that all work and no play is a BAD idea.

    Give me a good book and a cup of tea or coffee and that is a good day. Oh, and running a marathon is in my near future as well :)

  34. Archan Mehta says


    I really enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for your contribution. You are such a talented writer.

    To answer your question: I lost that peaceful, easy, loving feeling a long time ago–I got married, after all.
    My spouse looks and sounds like the wicked witch from Broward counting, but I’m not counting the votes.

    As for a blog, what blog? I don’t have one. And falling in love with a blog? Get serious, already. I once tried to start a blog, but the computer system would not allow me to make any progress. Damn it, I’m technically challenged.

    Your suggestions are right on the money. I try to escape from on-line marketing too. In my case, I don’t have a business, so I just pretend I have one and do something different, like speak French, that is, swear.

    As for recharging my batteries, well, I am neither a robot or machine–nor the latest toy boy. I don’t need anybody to put any batteries inside of me. I can do without that, thank you. The most I can do is kick off my shoes and go for a stroll, just like you have recommended. It works like a charm every time.

    As human beings, we are not programmed to spend so much time looking at a computer screen. Now, I have blurry vision and can’t walk across the room without tripping over furniture–or just tripping. So, it is better to do something physical. I would recommend rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty: gardening, organic farming.

    But that’s just me. I hope you keep on writing for this blog. It is always a pleasure to read your work. Cheers.

  35. says

    Sonia,thanks for your article, i really have learnt a lot, i’m a taiwanese, english is not good, but i try to read your post every day, and really help me a lot! thanks!!

  36. says

    A year ago i had stopped blogging but after sometime i realized that i had love with my blogging. I always think about blogging stuff and about other blog. Now i am back but yet couldn’t start a blog again because of some financial problems. But i didn’t quiet reading other blog and learning from other good bloggers.

    These days i am thinking to start an affiliate marketing blog and for that i want to learn about Affiliate Marketing if you know about any good affiliate marketer please introduce me.

    Thank You and Regards
    Deepak Malviya

  37. Lian says

    You are not doing justice with this post.

    You should name it: How to fall in love with LIFE once again.

  38. says

    This post came at a good time, I got some advice yesterday which made me think my blog was a waste of time and for a few hours I was planning to abandon it altogether.
    Then it turned out, that maybe the advice was wrong, so I’m back.
    Some of your advice doesn’t work out for those of us in the early stages – I really don’t think with the number of readers I have, announcing a Q&A would do much good.
    A good break sounds like a good idea, as long as you can stop thinking about your blog! I had a coach a few years ago, and learned a great deal about myself. This is what helps me when I want to give up, I know how to work out why, and do something about it.
    If you’ve never worked with a coach, I recommend it.

  39. Tara says

    Wonderful post that got me energized and excited for the day ahead. Thank you very much!

  40. says

    My favorites on here were #1 and #7.

    Being a constant student is important for growth, for improving your skills… and it helps keep you from thinking you’re an all-knowing god. :)

    And for #7… yes. It’s too easy to stay glued to the screen and just check your emails or blog “for one more minute.” But stepping away gives us time to let our minds rest and keeps us fresh.

    Thank you for the share!

  41. says


    I have been really slacking in my blogging for my real estate website (I have several for each business) and the title caught my attention. It’s EXACTLY what I needed to remind me to do what I know I need to be doing.

    New to your posts but so far, ME LIKEY!

  42. says

    I agree with tips 1, 6 & 7. I’ve been working for a Company for 20 years yesterday and the only reason I have kept going with this Company is because they have consistently taught me new things etc promotions, selling techniques. New knowledge is best knowledge especially with great passion. It seems to open up the door to a new discovery.
    I also have a mentor coach who consistently teaches me how to perform in the Internet Marketing world. With his help and guidance, I’m able to achieve graet wonders.

    Yes! very important to spend time away from the online world. I walk the stairwell of our building when I go to work. There are about 5 floors of stairs and have been doing this for 3 years without fail. In saying this, I still need to spend time runniong to continue to rekindle that spark.

  43. says

    Hey Sonia,
    I was glad to see Connection there on the list. I’ve been there. I hit burnout bigtime. It was really the pressure to always need to produce great content…for free…and not get paid for it that hurt my “psyche”.
    I literally had to take a long hiatus, and had to completely rethink my business strategy for my site. It wasn’t working…so I changed it…and now I’m back again with a purpose.

    Take care,
    Brandon Yeager
    PS…Regarding connection…that is the one thing that has made all the difference in the world to me over the last few months.

  44. says

    This is a great list!

    When I need to clean my brain and inspire creativity, I go hunting for new music. I’ll listen to genres that are not my normal faves (alternative country is great for getting my spark back because it is VERY different from my usual tastes). Putting my brain into listening mode rather than reading mode gets my brain churning when I am on the verge of burnout.


  45. says

    Wow Sonia, I fell in LOVE with the way you wrote your article. I was mesmerized from start to the end. Thank you!

    When I felt lousy for being unable to generate money or produce an article for my blog, I would watch a Korean Movie or Serial (same one always) that reminded me that things aren’t always as smooth as you want it to be and that persistency definite triumph at the end of the day.

    My only way to destress 100% is to take a day off on every Friday from 3pm onward till mid-night to do anything I desire. e.g. go for a show, have a buffet dinner, window shopping or read a book somewhere but not home.

    Its true that after the mind, body and soul has calm down, the enthusiasm to continue blogging is still as strong as ever.

    Thanks for all those wonderful pointers!

    William Siong

  46. says

    Sonia thanks for sharing such a nice post. After reading it I am feeling very happy and will try to follow your tips.

  47. says

    Hi Simone!

    And I am in love with this post! I am in total sync with what you enumerated.

    I, myself, am a firm believer of always being in the lookout for something new to learn. Boredom could really kill you! (And, your relationship). Learning something new could really spice things up and open more doors to great possibilities.

    In your last enumeration, I also agree that we should shun being “online marketers” even for just a day and explore and experience things as it happen in the real world. These experiences shape us and how we think and makes us better online marketers actually.


  48. says

    “schedule some time to just play.” I love this!! Everyone is always stressing how the most successful people work 16 hours a day and never take breaks. Taking breaks keeps me less stressed and more productive throughout the day. Thanks for letting everyone know that it’s okay to take breaks and have fun once in a while :)

    – Lark Miller

  49. says

    Great article! I’m applying these suggestions and along the way, discovered other means to rekindle my enthusiasm and love for all my blogs (since most are personal ones) such as changing the blog design template or changing the appearance of the blog by tweaking the arrangement of the tools/widgets. A change in blog appearance is like a personal make-over only this time the changes does not happen to oneself personally/physically but to the blog/s in question.

    I also find rereading my past blog entries/articles quite helpful as they helped me rediscover the truths and unearth past feelings during the time I first wrote them. The entries in the archives reminded me why I created my blog in the first place.

  50. says

    Love this article. A big amen to the reading – one good book usually gives me a couple of months of great blogging ideas.

    Learning something new is also a big encouragement for me. I’m ALWAYS learning something new and I love to blog about the journey.

    Thanks for sharing these inspiring tips. I’ll definitely be passing this one along!

  51. says

    As a small business owners myself I’ve often found #7 to be the hardest. But you’re absolutely right. Sometimes you need to take a break and walk away. Even just a few days can be enough to freshen up, get your head back on straight and come back with a little more energy and pep in your step.

  52. says

    I’ve realized how important the connection thing is when I began to lose the small fame I used to have with my blog. Thank you for the other point!

    BTW, is this post reposted? I thought this is special post for Valentine’s Day since there’s word ‘Love’ in the title, but I feeling I already read this post before here 😉

    • says

      Yep, there’s a note at the end of the post letting you know this is a republished classic post . It was originally published in 2011, so you have a good memory. :)

  53. says

    Fantastic advice as always! I think the two tips that inspire me the most are reading blogs I love and the core values tip. Great blogs are inspiring and insightful. They spark creativity and passion. Core values are also inspiring, but they touch my core – what I value most in life and get me thinking what I want my legacy to be. Both are incredible powerful. I love the others on the list as well though and I am definitely bookmarking this page to come back to when I need to rekindle that love for my blog and learning :)

  54. says

    The number 3 is point is simply great. It is necessary to go out and connect with other bloggers in your niche. Social interaction is must these days.
    I still remember when my blog was losing its daily readership, I went and extra mile ahead and spent most of time interacting with the readers and tried to understand their requirements. It helped my blog grow in very short time.

  55. says

    Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for this great classic post on how to fall in love with your blog all over again.

    Sometimes, you need to let go of a blog or re-brand it. I’m struggling with this issue right now with a couple of my blogs. Apart of me wants to start over, but another pat of me wants to re-brand. It’s a conundrum. :(

  56. says

    Really love this post (appropriately for Valentine’s Day). So many good points. Optimal flow is great balance. Learning something new (Copyblogger is excellent for this). The Q&A call affirms both the host as someone who has something to give and the recipients, who can feel good about the decision to hire you. I need to get more consistent in my connecting and not just float into it. Manifesto…yes, and good to revisit too. I could go on about how good each point is. Thank you! Excellent!

  57. says

    Very timely post, I had completely lost motivation for updating my blog on hiring towards the end of 2012 to the point where I was writing less than one post per month. As 2013 came around, I talked to my business partner about converting out blog into a podcast (http://www.downtothehire.com). This completely re-engergized my content production. We got four podcasts recorded and just launched it two weeks ago. And have plenty of episodes and interviews lined up through the spring. So sometimes just changing the medium thru which you get your content out can be enough to rekindle your love and Passion for your blog.

  58. says

    This is a great blog article! Just what I needed. Your question at the end made me realize I need to make time for me to take a break and get inspired. A couple ways I love to this is are to just sit alone in a crowded coffee shop and journal or take a few minutes to just use internet for pleasure – be silly on Facebook, browse Pinterest, or read blogs that have absolutely nothing to do with internet marketing. By “freeing” my mind from internet marketing (which I love!) it lets it rest and get inspired from some of the least likely places.

  59. says

    My favorite was to write my business manifesto. Going to do that. I mind-mapped my main blog and that was helpful. Now on to the manifesto. And I love the coach idea too. I have a great one in Eric Walker.

  60. says

    This certainly is a classic that is being saved for a revisit. The first thing I am going to sit and write tomorrow morning are a set of core values. What a great experiment to work on next week!

  61. says

    I like first point “learn something new”. I think this is the beauty of this business that you learn something new every day.

    I also like the idea building relationship with your daily commenters. This is awesome.

  62. says

    I really liked the suggestion about working out the blog’s core values in relation to your core strengths. I did the test on Authentic Happiness (note, it’s a good 10 – 15 minutes of your time), and I was actually quite surprised by the results. Some things were confirmed, but there were some interesting themes that emerged. I will definitely see how I can better integrate this into my blog offering. Thanks for the reshare :)

  63. says

    This was great! Shame I missed it the first time around. I fall in and out of love with blogging all the time – mainly due to time restraints. It’s articles like this that bring me back every time. (now I just got to keep remembering) Thanks again.

  64. says

    hi Sonia. These are really wonderful tips to apply to a blog. The one point you mentioned is really effective and worked for my blog. Ie, Q&A method. I do use call to action method to grab flawless comments and attention. Let me implement the other 6 tips too. Let’s see if someone gonna love my blog seriously rather than me.

  65. says

    These are very interesting and smart ways to run a business and keep on it without burning out. I love the idea of having a good Coach as someone who can encourage you to keep going especially when things seems not to be adding up in our own terms

  66. says


    This is a timeless post. Thank you for sending it to your subscribers again. I missed this post the first time. I really like the idea “Writing Your Manifesto.” I have a pretty good idea of what I want to build and what I want to become, but putting it down on paper as a “Manifesto” is something I had not thought of. I like the idea of creating a manifesto in my business journal and then reading it first thing every day. That’s great way to keep your “core values” at the front of your mind each and every day.

  67. says

    You know, I was just getting board with my blog and so I went on copyblogger to help me get some ideas.

    Thanks, you gave me some great ideas. The Q&A is a great idea! Thanks


  68. says

    Thanks for this post. Sometimes you lose focus on what matters to your business and website. After years of managing one you start to veer off course and need a post like this to bring you back within the target and scope you set out for.

  69. says

    Brilliant write-up thanks! Seems to get the job done perfectly well together with the latest versions of wordpress as well (3.3)
    Made the code a lot cleaner as mentioned and seems to have made life less difficult when trying to implement the comments form into side areas ect. (Had a nightmare with previous use of the normal code)

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