Introducing the Metro Theme for WordPress

Image of Metro Theme by StudioPress

With magazine-style websites running hotter than ever, I recently went to work with my team at StudioPress to design a new WordPress theme that captures the beautiful opportunities that wide-screens hold.

Have you ever opened a website on a wide-screen monitor and found it hard to view because it only took up a small part of the screen?

It’s like watching a TV show from the ’70s — in that old square format — on a beautiful new HDTV.

With the Metro theme for WordPress, we present our widest theme to date … with complete mobile-responsiveness.

The Metro theme takes the guesswork out of designing for multiple screens while simultaneously offering a luxurious 1152 pixel-wide frame that’s more than just a pretty face.

The highly responsive design gives you a ton of great design options, including:

  • 6 wide layout options for displaying more content.
  • 3 different locations for stories to grab readers and keep them.
  • 5 color styles for changing the look and feel of your site.
  • Sleek social media buttons and a prominent email sign-up box.
  • An “after-post widget area” at the end of your content for continuing the conversation.
  • Styled “author box” on every post for better SEO.
  • A landing page template for easily building your business or brand.

And don’t forget that all of our themes are built on the rock-solid Genesis Framework for WordPress, which, by the way, is already set up to easily take advantage of Google Authorship.

Your audience is going to like what they see

If you aren’t already a StudioPress customer you can take a look at Metro right here.

[If you’re a StudioPress Pro Plus member, just log into]

You can also take a look at our full selection of mobile responsive themes for WordPress here.

Whether you’re just starting out, an advanced developer, or a content publisher that wants to get down to business, StudioPress provides you with the rock-solid platform to take WordPress to the next level.

The Metro theme for WordPress is the latest in our ongoing work to help you build the website that builds your business.

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