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Michael Port recommends Copyblogger's suite of web-based marketing tools.

If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you think Michael Port is a smart, business-savvy guy, and you like how he approaches marketing.

(We do, too.)

We’ve put together some tools we think will be useful for you — tools that will let you take the great rapport and relationships Michael has taught you how to build, and transform those fans into loyal customers.

Here at Copyblogger, we’ve found great marketing can be broken into three key steps.

1. Design

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean your site should be clunky or unprofessional.

And it doesn’t mean you have to put up with the old-fashioned web design model, where you have to beg and plead with your designer every time you want to add a page to your site or update some content.

It wasn’t so long ago that a beautiful, well-designed web site was expensive to build and difficult to maintain. Not any more.

Whether you’ve got a blog or a more traditional website (or both), the Genesis framework for WordPress gives you the backbone of a site that just works … easy to update, easy to change, and well optimized for SEO. You can add pages, put up new content as often you like, and even play with site layout … all without a web designer.

(Love working with your designer? That’s great too — if you’re already working with someone, Genesis lets your design pro focus on creating an original look for your site, rather than the “back end” web coding. You still get all the flexibility, improved security, and great SEO of working with a WordPress framework.)

Choose from more than 40 Genesis child themes that let you “dress up” your site in the style that suits your business. Informal and artsy, sleek and professional, or any of dozens of other looks.

Click here to find out more about how to create a beautiful web site with Genesis

2. Traffic

No matter how many referrals we get, we all need some raw traffic to bring new people to our ideas and our businesses. Enough people need to find you so that you can find the right customers for your business.

Right now, new people typically find you either through a search engine or via social media.

ScribeSEO is software that helps you use both to find new readers.

It isn’t typical SEO optimization software, because it’s about much more than just optimizing your content for search engines.

Scribe helps you create a complete search and social media strategy — without knowing anything technical about SEO. It focuses on readers and content first (which is always the best practice), and then lets you lightly optimize once you have content that works on a human level.

Some SEO experts can make optimization seem complicated or even a little “sleazy.” Scribe shows you how SEO can help your customers find you … without tricks or games.

Click here to learn how ScribeSEO can help you find the traffic you’re looking for

3. Conversion

Fans are wonderful … but at the end of the day, we want to convert them into customers. (Otherwise we have a hobby, right? Not a business.)

A proven technique is to take your potential customer to a special page designed to give them what they need in order to take that next step. It’s called a landing page … but landing pages can be intimidating to create.

  • What should we write for our pages, especially if we’re not professional copywriters?
  • How can we keep our landing pages from feeling spammy or too aggressive?
  • And how do we code a landing page without paying a web designer a fortune?

Premise for WordPress lets you create 8 different kinds of landing pages (they aren’t all about selling) quickly and easily.

And Premise includes the equivalent of a complete copywriting course — an “over your shoulder” guide to the Copyblogger method of ethical, effective copywriting — delivered right when you need it, when you’re actually creating your page.

We also toss in premium seminars on how to become a more effective copywriter, an extensive graphic library of images for your pages, and integrated split testing for every page.

You can even use Premise to create full-fledged membership sites for your business … which can be used in dozens of ways to expand your business model and create stronger relationships with customers.

Premise makes it easy to create better pages, write better copy, and convert more of your beloved fans into valued customers.

Click here to learn more about how Premise can help you build great landing pages that turn fans into customers

A note from Michael: If you purchase any of these products I receive a small commission. Know this: I have never and would never recommend a product I wouldn’t use myself or just because I receive a few dollars. I’m recommending that you use these products because I have tested and reviewed them and I think they rock. Pure and simple.