No Really… Thanks Google!

Well, apparently Copyblogger’s Page Rank will not be dropping from 6 to 4, and is instead showing as 7 across 39 of 45 datacenters. Even though it likely means nothing from a practical standpoint, it’s nice to have my name cleared.

I didn’t have anything to do with talking to Google, as I was way too busy with Teaching Sells. But here’s what I was told about discussions between b5media and a Google representative.

b5: “Umm… Google?”

Google: “Yes?”

b5: “Is this PageRank thing supposed to penalize bloggers who are in blog networks?”

Google: “No, this is a warning to those who sell links.”

b5: “Umm… well, Copyblogger has never sold links.”

Google: “Really?”

b5: “Really.”

Google: “Whoops. Well, we have a problem.”

b5: “What’s that?”

Google: “We’re fresh out of PR 6 designations for this update.”

b5: “What? Are you kidding?”

Google: “How does a nice PR 7 sound?”

b5: “Let me ask Brian.” (pretends to call me)

b5: “Ok, he says that’s fine.”

Google: “Great. Sorry again.”

Note: The part about Google being out of PR 6 designations is a joke, as is the part about having to “give” me a 7. The 7 is the Page Rank the blog would have had anyway but for the “warning” that wasn’t applicable to me. Just to be clear.

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Reader Comments (65)

  1. says

    Hey Brian,

    This past week our page rank dropped from a PR5 to a PR3, but our search engine traffic is up 50%.

    Of course, we did see that in this pagerank checker tool they’ve got a a lot of 3s and a lot of 5s for our site, so who knows.

    But in the end, who cares :-)

    Our focus is on putting out lots of solid, high quality content that really resonates with our readers and truly helps people.

    After all, school’s out and it’s not about the grade, it’s about the traffic for us. :-)


  2. says

    Too funny :) Glad to hear that they’ve corrected the pagerank issue. My blog is with b5, too, and it’s PR dropped from a 4 to a 3, then it went up to a 5 with the new update.

  3. says

    congrats on that jump..!!

    I guess problogger should have also been given same 7..why not?

    by the way my 2 month old URL earned PR3 and I am loving it!!

  4. sanny says

    Ok, please please please forgive me for this complete newbie question. I read this blog for the copywriting hints, but I have no idea what this PR stuff stands for? Does PR7 mean page rank 7? Does that mean you’re 7th on googles page?

  5. says

    Sanny, I’m not sure any of us really know what Page Rank really means anymore, if anything. But some people still look at a site’s Page Rank for its home page as an indicator of how trusted and linked to that site is.

    It’s not anything to focus on, really. But since several hundred blogs intimated that Copyblogger was penalized for selling links, I thought it appropriate to clear the air.

  6. says

    That’s good, because I got one… a PR6 😉 Glad the confusion was resolved, even as you were clearly putting importance where it matters — on your readers and customers.

  7. says

    I had a PR of 4 or 5 a few months ago. Someone said that was a good or trusted page rank and that people were linking but not many are.

    Content is king. I wonder though- everytime I do post to social bookmarks, do you think that is a waste of time too? Digg, twitter, delicious?


    I don’t digg many stories b/c the posts afterwards have many mean spirited people on there, I’d rather use FB, stumbleupon, and Del.i.cious

  8. says

    I still think this is a need discussion, what with all of the “engineer your way to great seo results” rather than focusing on our audience for that to happen naturally…

  9. Steve says

    Wow PR7 is very super now when many have been downgraded significantly. Or maybe you got very high PR backlinks?

    I think its solid because you have (got from sort by pr)

    PR8 (2 links)
    PR7 (7 links and 1 with nofollow)

    according to most reliable backlink checker tool at

    I think PR8 with only 77 outbound links from has helped you gaining PR7 firmly.

  10. says

    I am wondering if basing a blogs “value” by number of RSS Subscribers instead of Google PR would work better. After all, wouldn’t the amount of subscribers to a rss feed be a better gauge of the relevance and quality of the content as opposed to an algorithm? Just a thought that wrote about today at

  11. says

    hello brian, pr doesnt mean anything now to some blogger, better they concentrate on their post quality rather than thinking how to get the best pr 😀

  12. says

    Hi Brian,
    I appreciated you stopping by my blog, and I’m very glad Copyblogger is now a PR7 (even if this has lost all meaning to almost all of us!).

    You deserve every pixel you’ve got in the green bar.

  13. says

    Great job Brian.

    Congratulation for a well deserved PR 7.

    Happy to hear Google fixed yours.

    At the end, is it really true Google told B5 this was a penalization for TLA?


  14. says

    Dan, again… I was just joking. Copyblogger earned the PR 7 by attracting natural links, and if it weren’t for the misplaced “warning” this raise in PR would have happened regardless.

  15. says

    Funny – I was going to ask how you get a PR in the first place, since every time I’ve checked, my site has had a 0.

    I just checked, and I’m at a 5.

    Whoop dee doo. Back to focusing on my patrons again. :-)

  16. says

    Wow! I’m so confused! I just started getting good traffic 2 months ago and all this PR thingy is very interesting.

    When I heard about google not liking TLA, I removed the affiliate banners. I didn’t get much luck with them anyway.

  17. anon says

    Any idea what someone that has previously been selling links, but has since though better of it, should do? Is there a way of notifying Google that you’ve come clean? How did B5 go about getting their ear? If they could accidentally pummel copyblogger, then they could equally well continue pummeling other sites that have been selling links, even after they’ve cleaned up their act. I’m not really concerned about PR, but am worried what the next phase of their campaign might entail.

  18. says

    There’s a way to contact a Google representative? My PR decreased from 4 to 3 and I never sold or bought links or participated of link schemes.

  19. says

    Is there a way of notifying Google that you’ve come clean?

    All you have to do is ask Google for reinstatement. They have some guidelines for it, but as long as you’ve stopped the objectionable behavior, they will look at putting you back where you were.

    Keep in mind that some drops in PR are not penalties, it just happens to be the current Google evaluation of the strength of your site.

  20. says

    Fantastic! Much better than all the loom and gloom thats been hovering over the Google slap down. It is good to know that content connects with readers will always trump a humanly devised pagerank rating.

  21. says

    Rofl nice sarcasm. I am glad that copyblogger gained back their PR and actually got upgraded for 1 score, but I can’t say the same for problogger unfortunately…

  22. says

    Page Rank has always been something that has confused me immensly. I see sites of excellent content with a lot of user response and Page Ranks of one or two. I then will find a site that is very basic without a lot of activity ranking 4 or 5. I have also conducted search terms on popular keyword phrases thinking that the #1 positions would have really high page ranks and sometimes they don’t . My site has a page rank of zero and I work hard at it getting contact and resourcing as much as possible and I remain at zero. I just kind of give up. PR in my opinion is over rated. As long as we get good google rankings and lots of search engine traffic then what does it matter what our PR is?

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