Number One at Amazon

That’s right. Viral Copy is currently the top bestseller at Amazon.

OK, not exactly, but let me explain.

Those of you that read my free viral marketing report may have noticed that the first page has a “permitted distribution” statement. I basically tell people that they are free to give the report away, as long as it stays in original form, and I also tell people that they can bundle the report with another product they are selling. This is a tactic Mark Joyner developed over ten years ago.

Best-selling motivational author Dr. Joe Vitale just yesterday released his latest book, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth. Because Joe is essentially a marketing genius in addition to his successful career as an author, he takes a very novel approach to launching his new books.

Dr. Vitale has released his last two books with a promotion he calls The Mother of All Bribes (the sales letter is coincidentally penned by Mark Joyner). Rather than just saying “go buy my new book,” Joe gives away a whole slew of other resources along with the purchase. Combined with a heavy opening day promotional push from his friends and affiliates, Joe immediately ends up the #1 bestseller at Amazon. His new book has been at the top for the last two days, and thanks to the social proof that status provides, his sales will climb even higher.

Basically, Joe read Viral Copy, liked it, and included it in his “bribe.” So thanks to Joe’s number-one-selling status, I’m getting towed along with him for the ride. I may well get more new subscribers from this than any A-List blogger link has provided (not that I don’t appreciate all links and all subscribers!).

I’m certain there are ways that you can use a similar strategy to help build your business. Think of people who have access to an audience you would like to tap into. What kind of win-win scenario can you create?

And all those persnickety comments about blogging “not being about the traffic” are actually correct at their essence, just poorly articulated. Traffic certainly matters, but without providing apparent and lasting value with your blog and other resources, those visitors will simply flow on through to someone else. Based on all the nice comments and emails I’ve received about Viral Copy, I think most people got that point from reading it.

Also, even if you don’t care about the free bonuses, you should consider buying Joe’s book. I own several of his works, and this new one is already on the way from Amazon.

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Reader Comments (6)

  1. says

    Thanks Marcus, although I must say it’s going to be tough to beat that Blog Herald stampede you sent over here. Many thanks for that!

    David, yes, that promotion is a bit different in style than you’ll ever see from me, but it’s working quite well for Dr. Vitale. :)

  2. says

    you’re right Brian.

    am a part of the ‘bribe package’ too & have build a list of more than a thousand people!

    not such a big thing. but considering it’s not even for my niche & that I spent like 30 seconds making page specially for them – it’s worth it – many times over.

    love Joe’s cool strategy that makes his every book a best-seller & sends a horde of people over to me :-)

  3. says

    Dude, excellent news! Maybe you should make my link bigger…

    Kidding, but I’m glad to see that all the work you put into Viral Copy is paying off as I expected it would.

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